Study: Alcohol Damages Stem Cell DNA, Increases Cancer Risk

LONDON (Reuters) — Drinking alcohol produces a harmful chemical in the body which can lead to permanent genetic damage in the DNA of stem cells, increasing the risk of cancer developing, according to research published on Wednesday.

Working with mice in a laboratory, British scientists used chromosome analysis and DNA sequencing to examine the genetic damage caused by acetaldehyde, a harmful chemical produced when the body processes alcohol.

Their findings offered more detail about how alcohol increases the risk of developing 7 types of cancer, including common forms such as breast and bowel cancer. It also showed how the body seeks to defend against the damage alcohol can do.

“Some cancers develop due to DNA damage in stem cells. While some damage occurs by chance, our findings suggest that drinking alcohol can increase the risk of this damage,” said Ketan Patel, a professor at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, who co-led the study.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    the leading cause of death ….. is living in a fallen sinful world ……

    • james blue

      Isn’t that also the leading cause of life?

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        we are born dead ….

  • DrIndica

    Chronic alcohol use also leads to heart disease, and the obvious liver problems. I did not see in the article if they studied chronic (2 – 3 drinks/day or binge drinking. There are certainly people that are not Christian that chose to not drink.

  • james blue

    There is no link to the study in this article, either here or on the full reuters page. It makes no mention of quantities etc.
    There are many things with “links” to cancer