SAT-7 Christian Television Among First to Enter Syria in New Documentary

Syria (Mission Network News) During March 2011, Syria erupted into a civil war still being fought today. In the past seven years, thousands of Syrians have fled their homeland, searching for safety from the violence which threatened their lives. Yet, with a flicker of hope still ignited in their hearts, some Syrians are beginning the journey back into the country.

Al Raqqa Today
In December 2017, 97 percent of ISIS-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq had been liberated. SAT-7—a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa—was recently in Syria co-producing the documentary, “Al Raqqa: between Yesterday and Today,” with Light for All Nations (LFAN) Ministries. This documentary features the first on-scene footage since ISIS left. The ultimate goal of this documentary is simple: to show people Syria’s current reality.

“There’s enormous work to be one because the infrastructure has been destroyed. You think of plumbing, and electricity, public services have all been destroyed. And so, that whole infrastructure of the community has to be rebuilt, reestablished, reequipped,” SAT-7’s Vice President for Ministry Partnerships Dennis Wiens shares.

One might say it’d be easier for the Syrian people to start rebuilding at ground zero rather than trying to revive any life from the destroyed city. An atrophy of buildings line the streets with corpses buried amongst the fragmented bricks. This is present-day Al Raqqa.

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