Former Teacher Has Certificates Suspended for Speaking Against Sin of Homosexuality on Facebook

NEWARK, N.J. — The New Jersey Department of Education has suspended the teaching certificates of a former high school teacher who came under fire seven years ago for speaking against the sin of homosexuality on Facebook.

As previously reported, Jenye “Viki” Knox, 56, first came under fire in June 2011 after she posted comments on Facebook decrying the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle Union High School.

The school had reportedly erected a display in acknowledgment of “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Month,” which featured popular homosexual celebrities.

“It’s still there,” she vented on her personal Facebook page. “I’m pitching a fit.”

The status then began to spark discussion, which turned into a controversy when others were offended by her comments.

Knox, a born-again Christian who also had served as the adviser for the school’s Bible study group, defended the Bible’s position on homosexuality when others challenged her status.

“God cannot abide, tolerate, accept, go along with sin. That’s why Jesus came and gave his life as an offering for our souls; so we could once again be right-standing,” she responded. “Everything God has created, Satan has perverted, everything! Sin is sin. Wrong is wrong.”

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Knox had also allegedly made comments on a post from a fellow teacher, who stated that they planned to start a “gay-straight alliance” at the school.

“Well, if I knew UHS was going to Hell in a handbasket before I know it for sure now!” she wrote.

A disturbed parent of a student then contacted an attorney, who wrote to the school district to ask that Knox be terminated for her “hateful” comments.

Although Knox explained that her posts and comments were private and not meant for public viewing, administrators decided to place her under an official investigation. The investigation then turned into the lodging of tenure charges, specifically “unbecoming conduct.” She was suspended without pay.

Knox, who had been teaching for 20 years, Knox decided to retire under disability pension instead of facing a hearing about the matter. She also filed a federal lawsuit, contending that her First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion had been violated. The suit has since been settled, but under a confidentiality agreement.

“These Facebook posts that she made were done on her time, at her home, after school hours, on her home computer, and it was addressing a matter that could arguably be of big societal concerns,” attorney Demetrios Stratis told

However, the New Jersey Department of Education sought to revoke her three teaching certificates, a decision that Knox appealed to the Office of Administrative Law.

“After the teaching certification matter was transmitted to the Office of Administrative Law for hearing, Knox presented a proposal to the board in which she would agree to a three-year suspension of her certificates. Knox did not admit or concede the truth of the allegations in the Order to Show Cause,” the State Board of Examiners wrote in an Order of Suspension, dated Dec. 8, 2017.

The board agreed to the proposal and suspended her elementary School, teacher of nursery school and teacher of the handicapped certificates immediately.

Public comment about the matter has been mixed.

“I think at this point, it’s been established: You can say whatever you want, and your employer can fire you if they want. You won’t go to jail, or have the govt. come after you, but you can be fired,” one commenter wrote. “At this point, I don’t have sympathy for people who step on this rake.”

“I am personally not a fan of the homosexual lifestyle, but she should know better not to say these things on Facebook and social media, where everything is scrutinized,” another opined. “Be careful of what you say online in the 21st century.”

“Part of the detestable gay agenda is to marginalize those who who hold opposing viewpoints by labeling them bigots, haters, etc., silencing them and if possible having them removed from jobs, office, etc.,” a third stated. “Much like abortion, they’ve lost the intellectual and scientific debate, so the tactic becomes ‘You shut up.'”

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    no good deed goes unpunished …..

  • Nidalap

    Sign of the times.
    It’s not as though we weren’t warned it would be so…

    • Scott Davenport

      Exactly…and isn’t that truly amazing?…. 🙂

  • Reason2012

    The First Amendment is there to protect speech that is not popular, not needed to protect speech everyone likes. The department of “education” needs to be sued for a blatant violation of a person’s civil rights / Free Speech rights to speak out against certain behaviors. Now you know why the activists wanted same-gender marriage redefined by the government – so they could use it as a legal sledge hammer to go after any who dare speak out against homosexual behavior – fascism at its core. In the end we will all face God to receive what we earn for a lifetime of breaking God’s Laws, more so for refusing His offer of forgiveness for it.

    As Jesus said:
    Luke 12:4-5 “And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kïll the body, and after that have no more that they can do. 5 But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath kïlled hath power to cast into hèll; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.”

    • Blake Paine

      Free speech means the government can’t arrest you for saying something, not that you can say anything without consequence. This teacher in her role as a government representative put her beliefs above those she served, got called on it, and retired rather than try and rationalize that obvious violation of her student’s rights.

      • 1PierreMontagne1

        Contrast this teacher to the “Liberal Christians” in Evangelical churches who champion gay rights in the schools they work at.
        Anyone in church questioning such hypocrisy is branded judgmental. Moonbat Lunacy is the new normal. Right is become wrong and wrong is right enforced and protected by binding legislation.

        • Blake Paine

          And since sexual orientation isn’t a religion I’m not sure what your point is. Yes, Christians protect gay and straight people equally as do Jews, agnostics, atheists, etc. That’s different than someone talking about ‘sin’ – a strictly religious concept that every student has a Constitutional right not to share.

        • Blake Paine

          By ‘gay rights’ I assume you mean ‘equal rights’ for all people attracted to men, women, or both?

  • Lark.62

    Change the labels. Suppose a teacher was told evangelical Christian students wanted to form a club – which is their first amendment right –
    and a teacher said:
    “Well, if I knew UHS was going to Hell in a handbasket before I know it for sure now!” she wrote.

    • Judy

      They are perverted and according to God, an abomination.

      • Lark.62

        But in our secular society, everybody gets to attend public school and be treated respectfully by school personnel. If a person is unable to treat all students respectfully, regardless of the reason, they are not qualified to teach in public schools.

        If my religion said all red heads are perverts and that belief impacted my treatment of students, then I would deserve to be fired.

        Same thing here. If she cannot perform the basic requirement of a teacher to treat students respectfully, she is not qualified to be a teacher.

        • Coach

          Hello Lark, you seem pretty well indoctrinated. Hats off to the plan of Marx, Darwin, and the likes. The issue is you’re appealing to the cultural leadership of our day, we Christians appeal to the Word of the God who has power to cast each and everyone of them into hell and will ultimately cast every unrepentant sinner into hell. We’re called hateful people for warning you to flee the wrath of God to come, but reality is that you are the ones who are filled with hatred for what is good.

          God doesn’t submit himself to the so-called secular society. We appeal to scripture, you appeal to “well popular opinion says…”, therefore you have no solid ground to base your assumptions, which are rooted only in a rebellion against and denial of the truth.

          Not only did God create all, He sustains all, including the lungs you breath out your blasphemies with and because of His holiness, if you don’t repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the eternal Son of God, through Whom, God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, through Whom, God will judge the world in righteousness and holiness, Whom God poured out His wrath on behalf of all God’s elect in the mocking, scouring, and crucifying He received at the hand of sinners. In heaven the cry shall be “worthy is the Lamb who was slain”, while everyone who rejects the gospel and who doesn’t know God will receive an eternity of the fiery vengeance of God. But hey, it’s your life, have it your way, but know this, you have no excuse for your unbelief and the consequences are eternal. Reality is there are people who were arguing against Christianity last year, who are now fully convinced that they not only rejected the truth, they hated it and for all eternity wish they had loved the truth.

          • Lark.62

            You have every right to believe whatever makes you happy.

            If images of strangers being tortured because they don’t believe in your deity brings joy to your life, that’s your problem.

            Adults are expected to be able to understand that we live on a planet where people hold many different religious beliefs. If you cannot manage to coexist with those other people, you won’t be able to perform jobs that require showing respect to people with different beliefs.

          • Lark.62

            Adults are expected to be able to understand that we live on a planet where people hold many different religious beliefs. If you cannot manage to coexist with those other people, you won’t be able to perform jobs that require showing respect to people with different beliefs.

    • Scott Davenport

      My God is a jealous God, partner….and you are not too bright, even tho you tell yourself the exact opposite. And he never instructed us to go along with sin and derision, but rather to speak out against evil and try to save the souls of our deceived brothers, who are all his children.

      Lost souls like you are in for such an agonizing terrible awakening at a time when it’s too late to be saved….why do you love sin so much that you’d speak against your father??? You know darned well in you clever mind what is right and what is wrong, so what’s the deal???

      • Lark.62

        Why do you not respond to what I wrote?

        You would not tolerate a teacher insulting your kids for being christian. Teachers who can’t treat all kids with kindness and respect are not qualified to be teachers.

        (And “You are an evil sinner who deserves to be tortured” is not kind or respectful.)

      • Lark.62

        Scott Davenport said

        and you are not too bright,

        Adults are able to understand that no matter how certain they are that their personal religious beliefs are true and correct, there are billions of people on this planet with different religious beliefs.

        In most jobs, including public school teachers, employees are expected to coexist politely with people with different religious views. There are very few secular jobs where a person can proselytize for their religion while on the clock.

      • Blake Paine

        If the teacher can’t treat ‘sinners’ with the same respect for civil rights that they treat other students than being a teacher in that environment is the wrong choice for them. And a school which has a legal obligation to insure employees respect those civil rights without discrimination really has no choice on the ‘sin’-intolerant teacher.

        Plenty of private religious schools that might support such prejudice, should have gone teach there.

  • ThroatwobblerMangrove

    In the company I worked for, they took a very dim view of their employees spouting beliefs the company itself did not uphold. She would have EASILY been fired from our company too for saying things like this.

    • Vince

      That’s a shame you had to work for such narrow-minded bigots. Unless, of course, you were totally in sync with the narrow-minded bigots.

      • ThroatwobblerMangrove

        When you consider I worked for the government, no, it makes perfect sense, and yes I was completely on board, and I’m neither narrow minded nor a bigot.

        • Vince

          So you think it’s OK for a Christian’s tax dollars to support a government that engages in anti-Christian bigotry?

          I guess someone who hates Christians would approve of that.

          For people who talk about “social justice,” you clearly have no intention of practicing it. You want to make Christians second-class citizens.

          Call yourselves “tolerant”all you want to, we know you are lying.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            No, I think a government should not be pushing one religion over any other one and therefore needs to remain neutral. That’s what pretty much everyone on this forum is saying. And once again, if you think I’m wrong, ask yourself how you’d feel about a Gideon equivalent to the Qu’ran handing out materials.

          • Vince

            Typical left-wing hypocrite.

            You’re OK with hate, so long as you’re the ones doing it.

            Have a lovely day, enjoy yr hate.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            I don’t know what aspect of what I said you have difficulty understanding.

            You have two options here.
            One, allow the viewpoints of all religions, including the ones you oppose.
            Two, allow none of them.

            If you’re getting hate out of this equation, the problem is obviously on your end.

          • Lydia Church

            Distance is not firing.

          • Blake Paine

            They didn’t fire her, she retired.

          • Scott Davenport

            Ahhhhh….so now Christians have “extremist” attitudes??? I see where you’re going with this, and you’re not going to like the ending, as those like you won’t see it…. 😉

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            No, the Christians with extremist attitudes are the ones with extremist attitudes. You’ll know them by their fruit…not too much love and a lot of anger and hatred.

          • Lydia Church

            The right Christians are the ones who take the Bible extremely seriously. Thus we are “extremely” good Christians.
            The others are the ones who don’t take things literally and twist things until they are comfortable with them, and follow the sin nature, otherwise called lukewarm.
            These are the “extremely” bad Christians.

            There is nothing wrong with the term “extremist.” It is a neutral term. The question is what it is applied to, something good or something bad.
            Ex.: I can be an “extremist” at giving much to charity for the needy, and that is…. good. Or, I can be an “extremist” at exploiting others, and that is… bad.
            Do your homework.

          • Blake Paine

            Don’t complain to TWM, it was Scott that took exception to the word.

          • Lydia Church

            False. It’s not about your beliefs but your job merit. Or they can fire you for being an atheist and then you can’t complain either.

          • Lark.62

            They cannot fire a teacher just for being a christian or atheist.

            They can fire a teacher, with christian, atheist or any other beliefs, who is unwilling or unable to keep their personal religious beliefs out of a public school classroom. Neither christian teachers nor atheist teachers may make statements about the accuracy of christianity or tell students they should adopt the teacher’s religious views.

            Since children are required to attend school, they have a right to be free of proselytizing by school employees.

            One set of rules applies to all.

          • Lark.62

            “Teachers must treat all students respectfully” is not “anti christian bigotry.”

            Teachers are also not allowed to go on social media and say all christians are pedophiles. Or that christians are disgusting. Or that christians are liars. Or that christians are a waste of space.

            Aside from the fact that those opinions are not supported by evidence, they indicate the speaker quite possibly would not treat christian students fairly.

            Would you want your kids in that teacher’s class? I wouldn’t, and my kids aren’t even christians.

            The same rules apply regardless of demographics. A person getting paid to teach cannot display prejuduce and contempt toward an entire group of students and expect to keep their job.

          • Scott Davenport

            What prejudice and contempt??? She was stating facts concerning a sinful practice that produces nothing of value. She is paid to teach proper things, correct???

          • Lark.62

            One’s personal religious beliefs, no matter how sincerely held, are not proper things to teach in a public school. If a person cannot understand this or adhere to this, they are not qualified to teach in a public school.

          • Blake Paine

            Since there are plenty of Christians that don’t discriminate against civil rights classes, that’s just a false question.

            And reminds me of the Christians that protested every weekend before the county courthouse protesting their tax dollars being used against others in unnecessary wars.

            Is it ok for their tax dollars to be used that way?

        • Scott Davenport

          We sure do beg to differ on that….LMAO!!…. 😉

    • Judy

      It is our commandment as Christians to speak out against sin. They violated her freedom of religion by firing her. I would sue then to the ends of the earth.

      • ThroatwobblerMangrove

        If her bigotry runs contrary to the values of the company she represents, then they are within their rights to fire her.

        • Lydia Church

          False. You don’t hire and fire people for their beliefs, but for their job performance.

          • Blake Paine

            True but an employee that freely states their prejudice against civil rights classes is going to have terrible job performance in a job that is there to serve all students without discrimination of their civil rights classes.

      • james blue

        I thought of posting some hypothetical examples, but they would probably violate the forum commenting rules, so I’ll simply ask if you think a teacher has absolute 1st amendment rights to post whatever they wish and be free from employment consequences?

        Bear in mind the 1st amendment isn’t just about religion, it’s also about free speech.

      • Lark.62

        You have freedom to follow your commandments as long as you do not violate the freedom of others. You are not guaranteed to get or keep a job if your beliefs prevent you from performing the requirements of that job.

        Example – You also have the religious freedom to declare alcohol Satan’s nector and tell drinkers they are going to hell. But nobody’s going to pay you to be a bartender, or to be a waitress whose job duties include serving alcohol.

        This lady has the religious freedom to declare that all gays are perverts, sinners and disgusting reprobates at every opportunity. But she is not going to keep a job that involves teaching public school students since a percentage of her students would be gay and she would be expected to treat all students respectfully.

    • Scott Davenport

      Then that’s a company Christians like us would most like not work for, nor would we be employing their services if we were aware they treated employees in this manner.

      Seeing’s how’s there’s more of us than than the hateful perverts, I’m thinking these businesses don’t have a bright future…..

      • ThroatwobblerMangrove

        I think it’s pretty obvious that if you work for the government, ANY branch of government, they are not going to look kindly on bigotry directed at any demographic.

        • Lydia Church

          Except bigotry against Christians, that kind of bigotry they support immensely, at an increasing rate.

          • Tim Matter

            Lydia Church- What percentage of the Us population are Christians? It’s somewhere around 70%. It’s not like you are the helpless oppressed minority.

    • NCOriolesFan

      if companies are engaging in public issues, employees should get the right to address them as well. So far, where I work this is the case.

  • bowie1

    It may be necessary for commenters to use a pen name when criticizing places or people they do not agree with so as the protect their ability to retain employment. Sad, but perhaps necessary.

    • Scott Davenport

      Not here, partner…. Anything I say online I’ll say to peoples faces. I’m known to be very opinionated and I don’t hold back.

      In the end, we answer to God, and not to any of Satan’s useful fools here on Earth. This is what they’ll never get, and the poor things will be paying dearly for it because they have all been told and reached out to….. 🙂

      • Mike Hogan Sr

        Amen brother same here if its not in the Bible it isnt true .i have my sword have you got yours ?

        • LynnRH

          And I’ve got my sword! I love my Jehovah God of the Holy Bible. And I don’t give a flip what the social liberals stand for. If it goes against His Word I won’t be siding with them.

    • william barr

      FU*K THEM I’m to old to disabled to mean to let little marries push me around but while I’m alive I will say what I think about sin and the communist and the devil. These people are haters and thugs and they will meet there maker then what will they say

  • Vince

    Having been de-Friended on Facebook by a few old friends who call themselves “tolerant” liberals (but aren’t), I set up a separate Issues page where I could openly discuss political and social issues with the people on my Friends list who shared my values (or, at least, weren’t likely to de-Friend me for taking a stance different from theirs). And it goes without saying, it is not smart for anyone to make their Facebook page public, although millions of people do it.

    • Amos Moses – He>i

      lets set aside for the moment the issue of wisdom of being on facebook to begin with …….. why is anyones “de-friending” of any interest to the christian when scripture/Christ is the basis for it ……………

    • NCOriolesFan

      Social media has become a weapon to punish people outside the workplace.

  • NJ Dept of Ed – aka: judge and jury ? oligarchy ?

  • cadcoke5

    I wish enough citizens would wake up and realize that the public school system has turned into a very bad thing.

    It is time to abandon the public school system, make all schools private, and grant each student the monies to invest in the school they want.

    • james blue

      I seem to recall the sudden change of opinion about the value of school vouchers being used for religious run private schools in Louisiana when it turned out they could be used for Islamic based schools as well as Christian schools.

      About 5 or 6 years ago

  • Scott Davenport

    Sorry to say it, but you tell the gov’t to go to Hell and let all the perverts work for them. I work for Christian small business owners for this very reason, otherwise I’d work for myself. Plenty of believers in Christ to do work for…. 🙂

  • LadyInChrist♥ThankYouJesus

    May God’s Will for this teacher be done.

  • awareoftruth

    Years ago when autism was making headlines, our society stepped up. Parents and public figures were knocking down barriers to find answers. 20 years later, a new generation is making headlines but this time the pendulum has swung the other way. God help a society that fails so miserably to protect their children from this filthy agenda that robs the innocence of childhood.

  • Andrew Nielsen

    In all honesty, we reap what we sow, in that I mean this, does not scripture tell us to: “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he turns not away from it.” Mishle/Prov 22:6

    When we as parents abdicate their responsibility for training and teaching their own children, leaving it to the government deep state to do that, what do you suppose is going to be the outcome? The child is going to be confused much of his or her life, especially when they’re being taught things in government re-education camps now days, that would make a billy-goat puke, and purely are an abomination to our Elohim.

    We’re suppose to be teaching our children of the things of Yahuah our Elohim, not the perversions of this world. So, in essence, we have no one to blame but ourselves for our children ending up the way they do…’s our responsibility to teach our children, not government….we will be held accountable in the judgement for abdicating that responsibility..

  • NCOriolesFan

    Now here’s proof why President Trump chose Betsy DeVos for U.S. Education Secretary.

  • Amos Moses – He>i

    How Their Refusal To Tolerate Dissent Is Creating A Global Backlash Against LGBT People
    Promoting LGBT preferences abroad is more likely to cause backlash against the very people it is intended to help, besides harming our standing in the world, as recent events show.

    the federalist

    • ppp777

      As far as I am concerned the sooner and harsher the better .they are wrecking peoples [ especially ] children’s lives ..

  • dclach

    Why Christians vote for any one who would impose penalties on those who oppose a LGBT lifestyle I do not understand. Nor do I understand why Christians of any sort would be willing to allow a continuing Department of Education which makes such rulings. Even here in Pennsylvania and some years ago we homeschooled our children and they are homeschooling theirs. Secular bigots are imposing their views on all children within their reach.

  • Dianne

    She should have NEVER given up her teaching certification even for a month. I hope and pray that in the future she will not relent to bullies. When they get their way they never back down but look forward to intimidating more people.

    2 Timothy 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall SUFFER PERSECUTION.

  • This is a fascinating test of free speech and in some cases, quite a conundrum. Sure, what one says on social media, on their own time and using their own computers, should have no effect on their jobs. But a teacher is not just another factory worker. She is a government agent.

    So, the rub comes with the idea of influencing students indirectly.

    A teacher in public schools is not allowed to express her religious beliefs to the students. That is law (Establishment Clause). This is a good thing because only parents have the right to influence their children with their beliefs in matters of religion, whether it be Christianity, Islam or even Satanism.

    But in the often vague case of social media, should a social worker, for example, be fired for racist remarks on FaceBook? Should a employee be fired for making derogatory remarks about the business for which he works? Should a person who works for a religious organization be fired for postings promoting atheism? Should a US government agent be fired for postings advocating for Nazism?

    I think we must make decisions about real damage. A teacher is entrusted with the minds of children and is obligated to treat all students equally (full stop!). Bigoted statements on social media actually undermine her credibility as a teacher, influences students and casts a shadow on the school itself. It is right to let her go. Same with the social worker.

    If a religious organization is not receiving government (taxpayer) dollars, then the employee promoting atheism may be fired. If the religious organization is receiving government funding, then he should not be fired. Everyone pays taxes to the government. Therefore, one cannot be fired from an organization that is partially supported by his own tax dollars.

    In the case of the government agent advocating for Nazism, yes, he should be fired because his advocacy undermines the very government for which he works.

  • william barr

    now it’s a crime to be normal and dislike sin because a homo became POTUS. You can do as you please but in the wrong town you might most people can’t accept perverts as normal. Now they want child rapist to be legal and next rapist will go free too. I grew up around freaks and if you hears what they think you will put them back in the nut house