Atheist Groups Lodge Complaint With DoD Over Prayers at Military Graduation Ceremonies

WASHINGTON — Two prominent atheist activist organizations have lodged a complaint with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) after reportedly being contacted by service members who are uncomfortable with the prayers presented at military graduation ceremonies, as well as other activities.

“According to numerous reports from cadets, service members, and their families, graduation ceremonies at military training facilities across the country consistently include a prayer delivered by a military chaplain,” wrote the groups American Atheists and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to General James Mattis.

“Recruits at each of these facilities are required to attend the graduation ceremony, adorned in dress uniforms, and standing in formation. Each of the training facilities encourages cadets’ family members to attend the ceremony. Those family members are then instructed to stand during the delivery of the prayer,” they stated.

The atheist organizations also allege that prayers have been presented at Marine Corp Recruit Depot San Diego prior to the Crucible, the grueling 54-hour test that cadets must complete successfully in order to become a Marine.

“The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits the government from coercing any citizen into participating in religious exercise,” American Atheists and FFRF asserted. “Military chaplains may provide religious services to those who seek them out, but their mission does not include proselytizing or infusing secular ceremonies with the chaplain’s personal religious beliefs. Graduation ceremonies held at military training facilities involve all cadets, not just those of one religious faith.”

The groups additionally claim that those who opt not to attend worship services on Sundays are given menial tasks to perform.

“Replacing expulsion with grunt work or other disfavored treatment as the consequence of avoiding worship services is equally impermissible. Such practices not only violate the Establishment Clause for the reasons laid out above, but also run afoul of the Due Process Clause,” they wrote.

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American Atheists and FFRF have requested that Mattis take action so as to end the graduation prayers and reported practice of giving duties to those who opt not to attend weekly worship services.

“In order to remedy these violations of the rights of cadets, their family members, and the service members assigned to military training facilities, the signatory organizations respectfully request that the Department of Defense immediately take steps to ensure that these violations do not occur in the future. We ask you to meet with us to discuss these concerns and work together to find viable solutions,” the correspondence stated.


Read the letter in full here.

According to the National Archives, on July 9, 1776, General George Washington wrote in his orders concerning the Continental Army:

“The honorable Continental Congress having been pleased to allow a chaplain to each regiment, with the pay of thirty-three dollars and one third per month—the colonels or commanding officers of each regiment are directed to procure chaplains accordingly; persons of good character and exemplary lives—to see that all inferior officers and soldiers pay them a suitable respect and attend carefully upon religious exercises. The blessing and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary, but especially so in times of public distress and danger. The General hopes and trusts, that every officer, and man, will endeavour so to live, and act, as becomes a Christian soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.”

He also exhorted on May 2, 1778, “While we are zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers, we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of religion. To the distinguished character of patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian. The signal instances of providential goodness which we have experienced and which have now almost crowned our labors with complete success, demand from us in a peculiar manner the warmest returns of gratitude & piety to the Supreme Author of all good.”

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  • Adagio Cantabile

    “The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits the government
    from coercing any citizen into participating in religious exercise.”

    Strange, my copy of the Constitution does NOT say that.

    • james blue

      So you think government can legally coerce you to participate in an Islamic or Wiccan service?

    • TheKingOfRhye

      “…we hold it for a fundamental and undeniable truth, “that Religion or the duty which we owe to our Creator and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence.” The Religion then of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate.” – James Madison (you know….the guy who wrote the Constitution)

    • Guzzman

      The courts have been clear that Establishment Clause mandates government neutrality on religious matters. “The touchstone of the Establishment Clause is ‘the principle that the First Amendment mandates government neutrality between religion and religion, and between religion and nonreligion.'”[McCreary County v. ACLU], 545 U.S. 844, 860 (2005).

      Courts have held that scheduling prayers or other religious exercises at mandatory meetings for government employees constitutes illegal government endorsement of religion, e.g., Warnock v. Archer.

    • NCOriolesFan

      Neither does mine or the United States for that matter.

      • Adagio Cantabile

        These are the same people who see things like “abortion” and “same-sex marriage” in the Constitution.

        Funny, people who see things that aren’t there used to be locked up in padded cells till they came to their senses.

  • Lemmylemon

    People have a right to worship our Lord the God whenever and however they see fit.
    And no godless heathen will tell me otherwise.
    God’s law supersedes man’s law.

    • james blue

      Do people have the right not to worship or participate?

      • Lemmylemon

        It’s called freewill.
        You get to choose which way you want to go.

        • james blue

          Okay now read what the FFrF people are talking about.

        • TheKingOfRhye

          You can choose from phantom fears
          And kindness that can kill
          I will choose a path that’s clear
          I will choose free will

          Sorry, couldn’t resist quoting that song….

      • NCOriolesFan

        Don’t join the military, very simple.

        • james blue

          That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read today and I’ve read a lot of things about a “memo” written by nunes.

        • TheKingOfRhye

          So you’re saying you lose you freedom of religion if you join the military?

    • Croquet_Player

      I don’t think anyone is telling you otherwise. Of course people may worship (or not) as they see fit in the U.S. The question is not about “worshiping as you see fit”. It’s about compelling attendance at particular services, or including certain types of worship at a government-required event.

    • Darwin C

      Exactly. This is the point. We agree. Each person has a right to worship as they see fit.

      If each person has a right to worship as they see fit, then military chaplains cannot tell everyone assembled for a mandatory meeting to pray to one specific deity. Right?

      Each person at that assembly gets to choose whether to pray and what god to pray to. You get this choice. I get this choice. No government official makes that choice for you. No government official makes that choice for me. That’s how it should be.

      • Lemmylemon

        So you would worship Satan in a Christian church.

  • Nidalap

    Just like a bevvy of vampires being doused with holy water.
    So much hissing and fang-baring…

    • Guzzman

      So you think upholding the Constitution is just “so much hissing and fang-baring?” Government employees, including military chaplains, are prohibited from using their official positions to coerce or advance religion.

      According to a federal court decision directly dealing with the military chaplaincy’s constitutionality, Katcoff v. Marsh, “the primary function of the military chaplain is to engage in activities designed to meet the religious needs of a pluralistic military community.” Military chaplains are hired to serve military personnel “who wish to use them,” the court observed; they are not authorized “to proselytize soldiers or their families.”

      Military chaplains are forbidden by law from proselytizing, particularly at mandatory military ceremonies where attendees constitute a captive audience.

    • Rexxon™

      Do you believe in werewolves as well as virgin birth?

  • MVP

    Christians run charities.
    Atheists harass Christians.

    Which group does the most good in the world? Duh.

    • TheKingOfRhye

      The two biggest philanthropists in the world, by far, are atheists.

    • Rexxon™

      Christianity (and its Abrahamic siblings, Judaism and Islam) have caused a lot of harm in the past 2000 years, even a blind man could see that.

  • Karen

    It’s an all volunteer military. No one is compelled to join. If you join, you agree to participate in all the ceremonies…the presentation of colors, the prayers, the marching, all of it. If you don’t agree, don’t join.

    • Guzzman

      You wrote, ” If you join [the military], you agree to participate in all the ceremonies…”

      Not entirely true. Courts have held that scheduling prayers or other religious exercises at mandatory meetings for government employees constitutes illegal government endorsement of religion, e.g., Warnock v. Archer.

  • Guzzman

    The only role of military chaplains, if they are performing their assigned duties properly, is to provide personal counseling to those who voluntarily seek assistance. Military chaplains are forbidden by law from proselytizing, particularly at mandatory military ceremonies where attendees constitute a captive audience.

    • NCOriolesFan

      Counseling also involves proselytizing.

      • Guzzman

        You wrote, “Counseling also involves proselytizing.” The purpose of military chaplains is to provide personal counseling to those who VOLUNTARILY seek assistance. Katcoff v. Marsh – “no chaplain is authorized to proselytize soldiers or their families.”

        From the Oxford Dictionary – “Proselytize: Convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.”

        Your statement is nonsensical. A Catholic serviceman who goes to a chaplain for personal counseling is not going to be happy with a chaplin who tries to convert him to Judaism.

        • NCOriolesFan

          The counselor is also a minister therefore he can proselytize too.It’s part of his job like a pastor.

          • Guzzman

            Military Code and the courts say that you are wrong – “no chaplain is authorized to proselytize soldiers or their families.”

            The military chaplaincy is not intended to function as a vehicle for fundamentalist evangelism. The military is not a mission field. Chaplains are there to provide personal counseling to those who voluntarily seek them.

  • NCOriolesFan

    Guess what recruits, don’t like military life, get the heck out. Prayer is part of it – deal with it, personally.

    • Darwin C

      People who join the military swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. They do not forfeit their freedom of religion.

      • NCOriolesFan

        I never said to forfeit freedom of religion.

        • Blue

          Then what do you call being required to particpate in prayer to a deity you don’t believe in, if not forfeiting one’s freedom of religion?

          You would not tolerate being ordered to participate in a prayer to Allah. Why is it okay to order soldiers to particpate in prayer to deities they do not believe in?

    • Blue

      And some of the chaplains are jewish. And some are muslims.

      By this “logic”, you would not complain if a muslim chaplain instructed you and a roomful of other soldiers to face Mecca and bow as he prayed to Allah.

      I don’t think so.

      Because freedom of religion means the government cannot tell you to participate in a prayer to any deity.

      And freedom of religion means the government cannot tell anyone else to participate in a prayer to any deity.

      Prayer – to your deity or anyone else’s – is not a mandatory part of serving in thr military. In fact, our constitution forbids religious tests for any public office.

  • LynnRH

    Well i’m a staunch born-again evangelical Christian. And I have a very deep desire for all human beings to know my Jehovah God and to feel His love like I do. Those that don’t just do not know what they are missing! Can I get an Amen from anyone?

    But I do agree that no one should be forced into participating in any religious ceremony (including prayer) if they do not want to. Our Heavenly Father himself is the One who gave us our freedom to choose Him or not. He isn’t going to make us love Him. He only wants your genuine love and devotion. Not something He had to put a spell on you to do.

  • Ira Pistos

    They dress it up as they always do, But this is all it ever is, an attack on Christianity .

    • Rexxon™

      Those who oppose the avaricious Cult of Nazareth are American heroes.

  • Standard procedure for anti-christian groups. A small rudder steers a big ship.

    • NCOriolesFan

      Yeah but the unsinkable Titanic sunk.

    • Blue

      The Constitution of the United States of America is what governs our nation. A small rudder, perhaps, but vital.

      And this Constitution places limits on the power of government. These limits include preventing those acting with government authority from telling anyone to participate in religious activity.

      The Constitution protects you also.

      • Chet

        God Almighty is aptly named, God Almighty and He is neither hindered nor restricted by any man but, rather, bound to to His Word, the Holy Bible. Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord… The wicked shall be turned into Hell and all the nations that forget God…

        • Blue

          Ok. But what does that have to do with protecting the right of every US soldier to attend military ceremonies without being led in prayer to someone else’s deity?

          • Chet

            Simply ignore it all as the meaningless mumbo jumbo atheists believe it surely to be. It’s merely beating the air to doubters, dude. Christians face strong undesirable situations often, yet, they too must like it or lump it. There will never be a perfect world for everyone…

          • Blue

            When do christians in America sit quietly without protest when being led in prayer to Allah or a Hindu god?

            The Supreme Court ruling that made concluded it is illegal to broadcast prayers before high school football games came out of a case brought by Catholics and Mormons, who objected to having to listen to evangelizing Southern Baptist prayers week after week.

            Sure, we all come across situations where we need to ignore someone being obnoxious. I agree. That falls under “Welcome to planet earth.”

            But all of us have a right to be free from the use of government power to make us listen. A man on a street corner can preach out loud. Religious radio stations can broadcast 24 hours a day. But people assembled by government authority – public school students, soldiers, etc. – cannot be told to shut up and pray.

          • Chet

            Generally, Christians do not gather in groups whose aim is to worship anyone other than the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary, the God-man. And neither do Muslims and Hindus gather with those outside their faith. Just not done, dude.

            Many of us who love America as the land of the free and home of the brave wouldn’t dare assume repose and/or otherwise assume disrespectful positions at teh passing of Old Glory or as the Star Spangled Banner is being played. Yet, American patriots and Christians must deal with it all and understand, well, these ingrates are just doing what’s natural. Thus, we grin and bear it all and continue moving forward.

            Where are any assemblies of people, school kids, military members or otherwise so advised to “shut up and pray”? Nowhere. If one wants to join in, please do, if not, just let it go and keep moving along. No one is under duress by Christians anywhere in America. In fact, on the contrary, as Christians are expected to structure their worship to the church building and just get over things happening in direct conflict with God’s Word, the Holy Bible. Case in point, the SC deems it’s okay for men to marry men when God has since time began declared that marriage is the union before Him of male and female, and as well, tradition, period. And how about the willful killing of the unwanted unborn little ones day in and day out, and with taxpayer’s assisted dollars to boot. Frankly, I see atheistic complaints lodged as meaningless drivel set in concert with haters of God and His Christ to silence those that are His wherever possible… And such will not happen with the Church of God as believers Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus Ye Soldiers Of The Cross, Lift High His Royal Banner It Must Not Suffer Loss. Thanks for the exchange of views and God bless…

          • Blue

            The government cannot tell you, me, a soldier, a child or anyone else when to pray or who to pray to. The government cannot pick a religious ritual from one religious tradition and tell everyone to stand and participate in that ritual.

            Soldiers were instructed to stand and pray a protestant christian prayer. This is illegal.

            We are a nation of laws and it is right to expect those acting with government authority to obey the law. Nobody can use government authority to tell someone to pray.

            Regarding gay marriage and other culture war issues, religious freedom means you can follow your own beliefs. “Because of my beliefs I will do this and I will not do that.”

            But religious freedom does not mean you can say “Because of my beliefs you will do this and you will not do that.”

            Your rights end where the next person’s rights begin. I know lots of people whose marriages grossed me out for a variety of reasons. I have no right to interfere in their freedom to marry regardless of my opnions.

          • Chet

            No soldiers were instructed to pray anything. That’s utter nonsense and utterly worthless. Prayer must come from the heart of the individual believer and words otherwise are nothingness… And it’s not because of anyone’s particular individual beliefs that matters a whit. Christians are but mere men as unbelievers. God Almighty has decreed right from wrong, period., agree or no… You sound a lot like one who also refuses to pay proper respect to the flag of the USA. Is this possible too…

          • Blue

            Do not lie. The soldiers were ordered to stand and bow their heads for prayer.

            They were ordered to participate in prayer.

            Christians complain whenever they are expected to stand and listen to the prayers of any other religion. But it is fine when christians do exactly that to others. That is called hypocrisy.

            Look up anytime non christians have tried to give an invocation before city council meetings. In more than one city, Christian council members have gotten up and walked out rather than listen to a non christian invocation. They have protested and complained and blocked nonchristians because they do,not eant to be exposed to,nin christian invocations.

            But telling an assembly of soldiers who cannot walk out or in any way avoid the ceremony to listen to the prayer is not telling them to participate in prayer. Hypocrite.

            The government cannot tell people to participate in a religious ritual.

          • Chet

            Neither standing nor bowing one’s head automatically denotes “prayer”. No one can be forced to pray as prayer comes from one’s heart and out through the mouth. You should know the Christian army is the only army since its humble beginnings that is entirely comprised of volunteers, period.

            Not sure where Christians would be where they would be forced to stand and listen to the prayers directed to some other object of faith. I might stand so as not to be needlessly noticed and not wanting to cause a stink but I would not be engaged in prayer. Then again, I have no plans to ever be anywhere where people might be praying to one aside from God Almighty, of the Holy Bible and that in the name that is above all other names, the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary.

            People are the government and government issues edicts wholly outside the will of God Almighty, yet, Christians must obey such, like it or no. And their tax money goes to support abortion and free rubbers etc regardless of what Christians think. Face known facts, dude… One day, according to the creator of all flesh, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father. There will be innumerable people there who never did so in life, yet, then, they will be forced to do so, and they will not like what happens afterwards. God bless and have a nice day and thank you for the opportunity to exchange views…

          • Blue

            Then again, I have no plans to ever be anywhere where people might be praying to one aside from God Almighty, of the Holy Bible and that in the name that is above all other names, the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary.

            Wow. Just wow.

            I’m speechless.

            Yet you have no problem with the US government requiring soldiers to be at an assembly where people are praying to a deity they do not worship. You defend this like it’s no big deal.

            Remember that person who said “treat others as you would like to be treated”? You call him “Lord” and blow off his commands.

            Look up “flaming hypocrite”.

          • Chet

            FYI, military members are all volunteers, dude… Nobody forces them to do anything, including enlist. You might want to reread that article to assure yourself no one was physically made to utter meaningless words. Sure, I subscribe to the Golden Rule as you so referred. In that someone(s) was kind enough, on numerous occasions, to share the good news gospel with me (even though I was yet enjoying my personal wickedness and thus not interested) ultimately, the Holy Spirit convicted my heart of my SIN and presented the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary to me. I then said, YES, to Christ via repentance and faith. Now, I belong to Him. And the Devil no longer has control over me and my eternity shall not be where I belong, in the pit of Hell. All thanks to Christ and Him crucified and risen and coming again for His own, soon. Thanks again for the opportunity to share God’s love with you, Sir…

          • Blue

            Members of the military volunteered to defend the Constitution. They did not volunteer to pray to your deity. They did not volunteer to stand respectfully while a government employee violates the Constitution by promoting one and only one religion.

            Spare me the proselytizing. Aside from the fact that I used to be a christian and have heard every schpiel, do you think your
            1. Absolute lack of compassion toward soldiers who do not want to participate in christian prayer, and
            2. Double standards, where you would object to having to listen to prayers to someone else’s deity but have no problem forcing soldiers to listen to prayers to your deity
            Serve as a selling point for your religion?

            Do you think I’m sitting here admiring your lack of compassion and hypocrisy and thinking “oh oh oh. I want to be just like Chet.”?

            Your proselytizing speech is wasted without compassion and honesty.

          • Chet

            Wow, a bit to unpack here. (1) There is but One deity and he is above all men and all men are accountable unto Him, believe or no. (2) “Used to be a Christian” What in the world could have happened to take you away from Christ, understanding that He doesn’t remove Himself from His own? – How does one become un-born again? (3) I’m very familiar with soldiering, Blue, how bout yourself? (4) I could never be forced to listen to anyone’s prayers to anyone other than God Almighty in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary, my Lord and Saviour. If prayers were being spoken anywhere by anyone, in uniform or out, and I was in a position of not being able to excuse myself the verbiage would go in one ear and out the other. All meaningless rhetoric, thus, no forced prayer from me. (5) “Selling point for my religion” In that I don’t have “religion” such label does not apply. I have blood bought salvation and a relationship with my Heavenly Father via His only begotten Son, period. My calling is but to alert the lost sinner that the true and living God Almighty, of the Holy Bible, loves them and He has provided the one and only means by which a sinner can be forgiven and gain eternal life and that is indeed offered solely in His Son. And it’s my duty to alert the lost of impending judgment with an eternity to be spent in Hell, totally against God’s will, yet, wholly in respect of the sinners’s right to make his own decision. We are no robots but possess free-will, as you surely know.

            Lastly, please know I would never want you or anyone else to “be like me” for I am but a rotten Hell deserving sinner saved by Grace. My life changed dramatically once the indwelling Holy Spirit had His way within me, yet, I have not and never will arrive, spiritually, to the place of satisfaction within myself. I’m still a sinner, just no longer lost. If you need to be like someone, be like the Lord Jesus Christ who loves you and gave Himself for you, personally, on Calvary’s Cross and yet lives today to make intercession for His own. And soon, we believer’s expect to see Him return for His ow in the sky.

            Without “compassion and honesty” such evaluation is in serious error. If I had no compassion for the lost, I’d merely take the attitude of many, if not most. And that being, well, it’s entirely up to him/her. If they don’t care enough about their own accountability and eternal abode let them just go to Hell. Why should I care as it doesn’t affect me, especially with those whom I don not know. But, alas, that is not my attitude and I thank God someone took the time to share Christ with me. Hence, my observance of the Golden Rule.

          • Blue

            1. You believe there is one deity. I trust you are aware that a few billion people on this planet worship a different deity or none at all, and are just as certain as you.

            2. What happened is that I read the bible and realized how silly it is. No trauma, no drama. Just over a few years I realized I could no longer believe it. And no, I did not “want to sin.” I am exactly the same person I was as a christian with same ethical standards except I’m a lot less judgmental.

          • Chet

            Blue, this shall be my last response and you’ll have to have the last word beyond such. (1) There is no supposed deity who willingly laid down his life to save us sinners, none. There is no supposed deity who was resurrected, save the Christ of Calvary seen above 500 witnesses. (3) “I’m a bit less judgmental” – yes, I’d have to agree with you on that point in that you seem to have erased yourself (in your assessment anyway) from any judgement to come. Christians face the judgment seat of Christ while the unsaved face the Great White Throne Judgment, but then, as you are said to have once been born-again, you do know such, no. Still unsure how you became un-born again. (4) No, I really see no hypocrisy whatsoever in attempting to show any fellow sinner just whom the true and the living God really is and how much he indeed loves them and has a plan for their lives and a great end for their eternal souls. That is, if they will but believe the good news gospel, repent and receive Christ as their own personal Lord and Saviour. My compassion shows in attempting to share the traveler, hey, man, the bridge is out, come this way for your own good. And/or, hey, get out of that house, Sir, it’s on fire. If I had no compassion, I’d remain silent and take the que sera, sera mindset of far too many professing Christians.

            Christ Jesus and his disciples all went about showing sinners The Way, The Truth and The Life, regardless of what they thought or whom they happened to believe in. Then, there’s the Great Commission of Mark 16 and Matthew 28 of which we Christians receive our marching orders to win the lost, or at least, share the truth and let them decide thereafter. Believe it or no, Blue, many are not privileged to have heard what you say you once heard and now have separated yourself from, purposely.

            And I can surely stick with my expression as I indeed once was lost, a hopeless, vile drunk among many other unsavory attributes. Now, I’m a new man in Christ after struggling with the bottle and its nigh unto utter ruination of my life and testimony. And I make no apologies, but, rather thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the change in me and my hope of eternal life now is now settled all thanks to Him and His righteousness, alone. Now, I’m wrapped in His righteousness and clothed white as snow with all my myriad sins forgiven and even forgotten. Now, man might forgive but never forget, and no other supposed deity can lay claim to such ability on behalf of it’s followers. And you know it, Blue. And as I said, you’ll have the last say… Thanks for the exchange of views and opportunity to present Christ as the One who loves you and the One in whom we all have to do, ultimately… Further, Christ is married to the backslider. Hmmm… Cheers as well.

          • Chet

            There’s but one deity, Blue, and it is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary, the God-man. And when I was unsaved and lost and on my way to a Christless eternity in Hell, without God and His Son, prayers offered up around me didn’t hurt a bit as at one time, I just didn’t care. But I didn’t whine about having heard them from the lips of people speaking to the air, or so I thought. Christians encounter things day in and day out but are expected to remain silent and just grin and bear it. Well, that works both ways. Thanks for the opportunity to exchange views and God bless.

          • Blue

            But I didn’t whine about having heard them from the lips of people speaking to the air, or so I thought. Christians encounter things day in and day out but are expected to remain silent and just grin and bear it.

            Bingo. Other people. Other people – our equals – can be ignored. I ignore the 12 or so churches within 2 miles of my house. I ignore religious radio stations and televangelists on tv. I ignore the people on the train reading bibles. None of those things bother me.

            But I cannot ignore a person acting with government authority. That’s why people acting with government authority cannot promote religion.

          • Chet

            The “people” are the government. And Christians must needs get in line with government each and every day like it or no. No Christian can support the killing of unwanted little ones yet being carried about in their momma’s womb. And no Christian can support men marrying men. Yet, government demands such regardless of what thus saith the Lord. You know, the God of all flesh. He is the One with whom we all have to do, sooner or later, Blue…

  • Rexxon™

    Now that doctors can refuse to perform medical procedures for religious reasons, will all the non-religious doctors out there be able to refuse to save the lives of Christians? I sure hope so.

    • LynnRH

      Omgosh! How petty. And what does that even have to do with this article?

  • poppyw

    The atheists have a moot argument and should re-examine the Constitution of the U.S.. The Constitution acknowledges that our basic rights have been given to us by a Holy God. In fact, the constitution of every state of the Union makes the same assumption. Therefore, it is logical that a grateful nation would offer prayers to this Holy God.

    • TheKingOfRhye

      The Constitution acknowledges that our basic rights have been given to us by a Holy God.

      No, it doesn’t.

      • poppyw

        Yes it does, assuming you know how to read.

        • TheKingOfRhye

          There is nothing in the Constitution about God. The word “God” appears nowhere in it, unless you want to count the thing about “in the year of our Lord 1787” at the end.

    • glenbo

      >>’ The Constitution acknowledges that our basic rights have been given to us by a Holy God.”<<

      The same god that condones slavery, rape and child murder?

      • poppyw

        Show me where God condones these things.

        • glenbo


          Leviticus 25:44-46
          Exodus 21:2-6
          Exodus 21:7-11
          Exodus 21:20-21
          Leviticus 25:44-46
          Exodus 21:2-6
          Exodus 21:7-11
          Exodus 21:20-21
          Ephesians 6:5
          1 Timothy 6:1-2
          Luke 12:47-48


          Judges 21:10-24
          Numbers 31:7-18
          Deuteronomy 20:10-14
          Deuteronomy 22:28-29
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          2 Samuel 12:11-14
          Deuteronomy 21:10-14
          Judges 5:30
          Exodus 21:7-11
          Zechariah 14:1-2
          Leviticus 19:20-22


          AE 891
          Psalm 137:9
          Leviticus 21:9
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          1 Samuel 15:2-3
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          Joshua 6:20-21
          Numbers 31:17-18
          Jeremiah 50:21-22
          Deuteronomy 13:13-18
          Leviticus 26:21-22
          1 Kings 14:9-16
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          Genesis 6:9-9:17 (The Great Flood.)

  • Chet

    Sure they are, uncomfortable hearing words directed at an entity they don’t even believe exists… Military commanders, dare to be a Daniel and tell these sad sacks to go pack sand. Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus Ye Soldiers Of The Cross. You have nothing whatsoever to fear, save fear itself. You’ve got a brand new Commander in Chief in Washington named President Trump and VP Pence who also believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and are not ashamed nor afraid to say so. Follow their lead ladies and gentlemen… And give God the glory…

    • ♥LadyInChrist♥InGodITrust♥


      • Chet

        To God be the glory!

        • ♥LadyInChrist♥InGodITrust♥

          Forever and ever Amen.