Massachusetts Elementary School Principal Announces That He Identifies as a Woman

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass. — An elementary school principal in Massachusetts has announced in a letter that he identifies as a woman and will present himself as female going forward.

Principal Tom Daniels, who has led Stanley Elementary School since 2012, explained in the Feb. 6 correspondence that he has struggled with his gender identity from the time he was a youth, and has “never felt completely happy or at peace” with himself. He said that he has hid his struggle from the world for years.

“After confronting a series of challenges last fall, I let myself imagine the possibility of being completely honest with myself and those around me. I can now say it: I am transgender,” Daniels wrote. “For me, that means I identify as both a male and female, and I plan to move toward presenting myself and identifying as female.”

He advised that he will now go by his middle name, Shannon, instead of Tom, which he said “perfectly denot[es] [his] fluid gender identity.”

“I would respectfully ask that I be called Principal Daniels. When using pronouns to refer to me, ‘he,’ ‘she’ and ‘they’ are all acceptable,” Daniels stated.

The principal noted that he would most likely present himself differently, and said that he would work to ensure that his decision would cause “no negative impact” on the school. He also gave parents suggestions as to what to say to their children in regard to why his looks have changed, such as, “There are many different ways boys and girls express themselves. It is important that we accept everyone as they are.”

“I am proud to be the leader of this school, and I sincerely believe that the ability to live my life openly and authentically gives me great serenity and will make a me a more sensitive, empathetic, and effective leader,” Daniels wrote. “I humbly ask that you support me as you would any family member going through a profound life change.”

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Read the letter in full here.

He further told The Salem News that he woke up one morning and asked himself, “Who am I and what do I want?”

“I said, internally I’m a female and I want to be one,'” Daniels claimed. “It gave me this incredible peace and happiness. It was just right. At age 52, I’m brave enough and maybe foolhardy enough to do the right thing.”

Superintendent Pamela Angelakis applauded Daniels and said she admired his transparency.

However, commenters under The Salem News’ story expressed dismay over the situation.

“What is wrong with this picture besides everything? Satan is the author of confusion. And this is in our schools? How insane,” one commenter wrote.

“This is so wrong to be in our school systems. Totally unacceptable to force this on children!” another stated.

“Public school is no place for a child,” a third opined.

As previously reported, Scripture states that those who turn God’s creation “upside down” are like the clay telling the potter that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Romans 9:20 says, “Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, ‘Why hast thou made me thus?’”

Isaiah 29:16 also declares, “Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay, for shall the work say of Him that made it, ‘He made me not?’ Or shall the thing framed say of Him that framed it, ‘He had no understanding?’”

Deuteronomy 22:5 further outlines, “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.”

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  • Nidalap

    A positively delusional role model…

  • The Lone Haranguer

    It’s always men in white-collar jobs who do this tranny thing – never truck drivers or garbage collectors. You think maybe these are guys with feelings of inadequacy?

    • Michael C

      There are transgender bankers and transgender truckers. There are transgender surgeons and transgender garbage collectors.

      Where did you get the idea that all transgender people are white collar?

      Further… aren’t you aware that there are transgender men as well as transgender women?

      When is the last time you had a conversation with a trans person?

      • Blue

        There are a number of former Navy Seals types who have come out as trans. They took the most macho job they could find in an (unsuccessful) attempt to override what they knew to be true.

        • Amos Moses – He>i

          truth does not come from within a person …. delusion does ……… truth exists whether they accept the truth or not …….

  • Reason2012

    Time for America to start creating schools By The People, For The People, not the social re-engineering, perversion indoctrination cesspools they are today.

  • Blue

    Kid: “I don’t understand”

    Parent: “I don’t understand everything either. But there are a lot of people on this planet. Unless you live inside someone’s skin, you cannot understand everything they think and feel. That’s okay. None of us are asked to approve another person’s personal choices. But I do expect you to treat people kindly and respectfully.”

    Kid “Really?”

    Parent “Yes. Really. The same requirement for respect applies if they believe in a deity you cannot see. Respect applies if they believe in reincarnation. Respect applies if they have 20 tattoos or green hair or wear ugly clothes. Respect applies even if you think they are deluded or wrong or strange. Accept people as they are. Accept that you don’t get to veto another person’s choices. Worry about your choices, not theirs.”

    Kid. “Okay. Whatever. Can I go to a movie with Patrick?”

    Parent: “What’s playing?”

    In other words, Be nice and mind your own business. How hard is that?

    • Agnes

      Beautiful, insightful, and spot on. I hope you are a parent because we need more wise, empathetic people raising children these days <3

      • So perverts having access to children is not a problem for you?

        • Blue

          Being gay or being trans does not make a person a pervert.

          The problem with this myth is that by focusing all attention on the wrong people, actual predators can operate for years undetected.

          Jerry Sandusky is a married white man. He was a football coach; he was trusted by Joe Paterno; and he operated a successful charity. People witnesssed him molesting a child and didn’t act because “child molesters are scary gays with trenchcoats.”

        • Blue

          There is no leper class of perverts.

          Any one, including married white men, can be child molesters. Look at the cover-ups by the boy scouts. Google “youth pastor news.” Ever heard of Jerry Sandusky? Larry Nassar was a married man with children.

          Labelling LGBT people as perverts shifts attention away from paying attention to actual risk factors.

          Someone actually saw Sandusky molest a child. No action was taken because nobody imagined a married, heterosexual man could be a child molester. They were too busy looking for real perverts.

          As a parent I quietly watch for grooming behaviors – adults telling kids to keep secrets, adults selecting some kids for special treatment, adults arranging to be alone with children.

          I also pay attention to my child. Are they secretive when they discuss a specific adult? Are they unexpectedly excited or unexpectedly fearful at the idea of seeing a certain adult? Do they say flat out “Don’t make me see that person”?

          My kids are safer when I pay attention to everyone who spends time with my kids.

          • By definition all that is LGBT is a perversion and I never said anything to restrict it to just that one group.

    • Reason2012

      Except when these people are “educating” your kids, exposing them to your worldview, let alone exposing kids to their perverted sexual desires, then it goes well beyond this to be about protecting your kids from said sexual perversion indoctrination.

      • Blue


        The world view my kids are being exposed to – “indoctrinated” into – is “It’s okay if other people are different. It’s okay if you do not understand. Be kind.”

        Gay people exist. Trans people exist. Gay and trans people have existed throughout human history in every nation and culture.

        Hearing that “People with red hair exist and should be treated with the same respect as anyone else, not bullied” will not cause a brunette to wake up with red hair.

        Hearing that “Left handed people exist and should be treated with the same respect as anyone else, not bullied” will not cause a right handed kid to turn into a leftie.

        Hearing that “LGBT people exist and should be treated with the same respect as anyone else, not bullied” will not make any person become gay or trans.

        • Reason2012

          The world view my kids are being exposed to – “indoctrinated” into – is “It’s okay if other people are different. It’s okay if you do not understand. Be kind.”

          Hello. Using that logic, should kids be told some people are into bestiality, some are into incest, some are into [insert perversion here] and it’s ok if you do not understand, which exposes this “reason” to promote sexual perversions to kids as a farce.

          School is not the place to fill everyone else’s kids and grandkids with images and ideas of sexual perversion. They’re there to learn academics, not sexual perversions a select few are into.

          Gay people exist. Trans people exist. Gay and trans people have existed throughout human history in every nation and culture.

          So do those into incest, bestiality or other perversions – doesn’t mean those into said perversions have the right to feed everyone else’s kids images and ideas of said perversions.

          Even if no one would get into bestiality or incest just from hearing it, doesn’t make it just fine to poison their minds with images and ideas of such perversions.

          And adults continue to turn away, on their own, from homosexuality and transgenderism. There are countless testimonies out of their own mouths how it was brought about in exactly that manner: indoctrination, confusion, mental instability, and/or abuse. It’s why the activists try so hard to get at everyone else’s kids and grandkids.

    • Amos Moses – He>i

      respect is not given …. it is EARNED ……… if it is just given to whomever for no reason ….. or for any reason ….. it has no value ………… and then who wants it or needs a thing of no value ……..

      • Trilemma

        Air…….. if it is just given to whomever for no reason ….. or for any reason ….. it has no value ………… and then who wants it or needs a thing of no value ……..

        Is it okay to treat someone disrespectfully until they earn your respect?

        • Amos Moses – He>i

          there is respect, disrespect, and that little bit inbetween called INDIFFERENCE ……….. and until they earn respect or disrespect they get nothing but indifference ………….. because i do not care or esteem them in any way ………… and it cannot be demanded ….. and if it IS demanded ….. then all they get is disrespect ……… because that is what they have earned ………

          • Trilemma

            I think polite indifference is okay. But people who call someone like Shannon Daniels delusional, a pervert, psychotic, etc., are not being indifferent.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            and this MAN is telling a LIE to himself and the student body and is not deserving of the respect ………. and for that reason ….. and the only explanations for his behavior in this matter are those that you list …………………. because it is not about his FEEEEELINGS about who and what he is …. BUT THE TRUTH …… not his VERSION of the truth ……….. so how does a person maintain indifference to a LIE …… hint ….. THEY DO NOT ……….

          • Trilemma

            Everyone has their own version of the truth. Even if Shannon is delusional, he doesn’t deserve to be treated disrespectfully and called names.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            NOPE ….. there is truth and LIE …… aand there is no “Your truth” and “My truth” ……. it does not vary by individual or circumstance …… that is complete post-modern GARBAGE ……

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “Even if Shannon is delusional, he doesn’t deserve to be treated disrespectfully and called names.”

            what he is calling HIMSELF ….. is a LIE ….. and he wants everyone else to believe his LIE …… so whatever he is called he has heaped on himself and has no one to look to for relief but HIMSELF ……….

  • He is a pervert and psychotic and should be fired immediately and never again be allowed to be in any position that involves children.

  • Chet

    If he had struggled with hunger as a lad would he thus refer to himself as a skeleton nowadays? Such is but educated nonsense…