Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Abolish Abortion in State

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two lawmakers in Ohio have introduced a bill that would completely abolish abortion in the state without exceptions.

H.B. 565, also known as the “abolition of abortion” bill, was officially filed on Monday by Rep. Ron Hood, R-Ashville, and Rep. Nino Vitale, R-Urbana, with the backing of 18 sponsors.

“We are declaring in the state of Ohio that life begins at conception. Therefore, any attempts to murder an unborn child from the time of conception is in fact a murder and falls under all the existing murder statutes in the state of Ohio,” Hood explained in a recent interview with the Ohio Pro-Life League.

He said that this type of legislation is needed because most pro-life bills merely regulate abortion and allow the killing to continue.

“We’re losing 20,000 babies a year in the state of Ohio. These bills are not going to change that,” Hood stated. “Unless we pass a life at conception bill, we’re not going to save these babies.”

Hood’s bill defines the preborn as an individual from fertilization, and bans the murder of the unborn without exceptions.

Abortionists who take the life of an unborn child may face both criminal and civil penalties. The woman on whom the abortion was performed will not be charged or face civil liability if she “(a) makes a report; (b) provides information during an investigation; [and] (c) participates in a hearing.”

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Hospitals are equally prohibited from performing an abortion, and babies who die in situations where attempts must be made to save both mother and child will not be considered to have been unlawfully terminated.

Abortion “rights” groups have already decried the legislation, calling those who oppose killing children in the womb “extremists.”

“Anti-choice extremists from the Ohio Statehouse to the White House are lining up their dominoes to topple Roe v. Wade and punish those who seek or provide abortion care,” NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said in a statement. “NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and our supporters will be relentless in our efforts to stop this dangerous agenda in its tracks.”

The co-sponsors of the bill include state Reps. Thomas Brinkman, R-Mt. Lookout; Niraj Antani, R-Miamisburg; Kristina Roegner, R-Hudson; John Becker, R-Union Township; Craig Riedel, R-Defiance; Candace Keller, R-Middletown; Andy Thompson, R-Marietta; Tim Schaffer, R-Lancaster; and Scott Wiggam, R-Wooster.

In December 2016, Republican Gov. John Kasich vetoed a bill that would have banned abortion when a heartbeat is detected, stating that he didn’t believe the state would succeed in a legal challenge. He also advised that he subsequently didn’t want any legal fees going to pro-abortion groups.

As previously reported, in an introductory lecture to his course on obstetrics in 1854, Philadelphia Dr. Hugh Lennox Hodge said:

“So low, gentleman, is the moral sense of community on this subject. So ignorant are even the greater number of individuals, that even mothers in many instances shrink not at the commission of this crime, but will voluntarily destroy their own progeny, in violation of every natural sentiment, and in opposition to the laws of God and man,” he said.

“The procuring abortion is ‘a base and unmanly act,’” Hodge also said, quoting in part text from a court ruling of his day. “It is a crime against the natural feelings of man, against the welfare and safety of females, against the peace and prosperity of society, against the divine command ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ It is murder.”

Abortion is Murder from I'll Be Honest on Vimeo.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    stand for something or fall for anything …………

  • james blue

    The woman on whom the abortion was performed will not be charged or face civil liability if she “(a) makes a report; (b) provides information during an investigation; [and] (c) participates in a hearing.

    So if a woman takes out a contract for a hitman to kill someone she won’t face charges if she cooperates?

    Of course this will be struck down by the courts if it passes.

    • DrIndica

      It is curious, the folks protesting at clinics that provide abortions are never seen protesting military bases. Guess that kind of killing is fine.

      • Recognizing_Truth

        Because you insist on conflating two unrelated issues, we’ll help you understand the supposed disparity that is confusing you.

        War is ugly. Soldiers are engaged in it with full knowledge. Protesting soldiers at their base is pointless (we might protest a war as unjust and unnecessary, but the military base would not be the place for that)

        Abortion is ugly. Babies are defenseless and unable to understand what is about to happen to them – so we defend them, our progeny, and our future.

      • Defending our country has NOTHING TO DO with murdering babies.

      • robert boe

        There a huge difference between murder and killing abortion is murderer. The commandment is thou shall not Murder.

  • The “killing” argument, along with many other “pro-life” arguments are all shown to be bogus at http://ChristianChoice.Org . Rev. R D

    • Recognizing_Truth

      No Christian – followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who loved children, who scolded those who would prevent them from freely coming to Him, and who warned of God’s wrath against those who would cause them harm – would go against their Lord and not only condone but encourage women to abort their own children.

      The site you reference is full of wholly errant interpretation (including changing the obvious meanings) and false application of Scripture. In doing this they claim that they prove that God is not pro-life (as we use it – protecting the unborn from abortion), that a baby in the womb is not actually alive yet, and that there is no OT or NT teaching that God protects or wants us to protect the as-yet unborn.

      Instead of being clear and concise, with verifiable proofs, the site relies on the sheer vastness of the number of words used, compelling sounding but wholly circular reasoning fallacies, and the use of false dichotomy / false dilemma with leading questions, which only serve to promote their position, but do not validate that position.

      And you claim that these misrepresentations of God’s word somehow render “the killing argument” and other “pro-life” arguments as bogus? Nonsense!

      A more discerning reader of the site will see and understand that its author(s) are guilty of lying and misrepresenting God and are to be wholly disregarded and their teaching utterly rejected.

      • Recognizing_Truth, if you are truthful AND RIGHT, then you will JOIN ME in urging everyone here to read my website and see for themselves how defective it is, as you charge.

    • Vince

      United Methodist membership figures:

      1960: 11.0 million
      2016: 6.9 million

      How’s that “progressive Christianity” thing working out for you? Really packing people into the pews, huh? Support abortion and homosexuality and every other left-wing cause, and you’re bound to grow, right?

      • And Vince, ever since the more liberal northern Methodists made the huge mistake in 1939 of re-uniting with the Southern Methodists who had broken away in order to defend slavery prior to the Civil War, “United Methodists” haven’t been able to be Liberals like Christ was.
        See http://LiberalsLikeChrist.Org .

        • Vince

          Your left-wing “Jesus” is nothing like the one in the New Testament. The religious left worships what it sees in the mirror.

          Enjoy your United Methodist church – while it still exists. All the left-wing denominations are dying. Good riddance. God isn’t there. You drove all the Christians away.

  • BuckeyePhysicist

    May the Lord grant my beautiful Ohio the privilege of being the first state to celebrate life!

  • Recognizing_Truth

    “It is a crime against the natural feelings of man, against the welfare and safety of females, against the peace and prosperity of society, against the divine command ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ It is murder.”

    As in 6000 BC; as in 1854 (Hodge, quoted above); as today and always – abortion is wanton murder of an innocent and defenseless human being who is dealt the death sentence by the very one upon whom he is wholly and totally dependent.