Concerns Raised After 10-Year-Old ‘Drag Child’ Photographed With Naked Adult ‘Drag Queen’

Photo: Screenshot YouTube/Elle

Concerns are being raised after a photograph has surfaced of a 10-year-old “drag child” posing next to an adult “drag queen” who is completely naked, except for a pair of high heels and a small covering over his reproductive organs.

The Daily Wire first brought the matter to light as it shared a screenshot of the image, which had been posted to the “Queen Lactatia” Instagram page, run by the boy’s mother.

According to the outlet, the snapshot was the work of photographer Jonathan Frederick Turton, and was one of a variety of portraits for Huck Magazine, which published an article on the child on Jan. 7. That particular photograph was not included with the report.

Turton interviewed the Canadian boy, Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, and his mother, Jessica Mélançon, about the child’s life as a drag queen under the alias “Lactatia.”

“Drag is an adult arena and that’s where people question our judgement,” Mélançon acknowledged. “So we have to censor things. He knows there are adult aspects of drag that he’s not allowed to apply to his show.”

“We would never try to overtly sexualise our child. But if he wears something that makes him feel beautiful, what right do I have to stop him wearing that dress because it might cause people to think things they shouldn’t be thinking?” she asked. “It’s a circular problem.”

As previously reported, Mélançon-Golden made headlines in 2017 when he was featured in a video posted by “LGBT in the City,” in which he remarked that that if children want to be drag queens and their parents won’t allow it, they need new parents.

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“Anyone can do what they want in life,” he stated. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If you want to be a drag queen and your parents don’t let you, you need new parents. If you want to be a drag queen and your friends don’t let you, you need new friends.”

Mélançon-Golden had appeared at Montreal’s “Werq the World Tour,” where “drag queen” Bianca Del Rio told the child that he was “[expletive] adorable,” among other profanities.

The naked man in the photo with Mélançon-Golden that was posted to Instagram earlier this month by the child’s mother is reportedly Paul Jason Dardo, who goes by the drag name Violet Chachki. Dardo, who identifies as “gender fluid,” is known for being the winner of the seventh season of the television show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The drag child photo is not the first time that he has faced backlash for posing inappropriately.

“In 2013, Dardo was photographed for ‘Legendary Children.’ The project focused on Atlanta’s drag scene and was exhibited at Gallery 1526. Two photos that featured their penis and gaff (an undergarment used to conceal male genitals when in drag) were covered up after complaints,” Wikipedia notes.

Likewise, concerns have been expressed surrounding the photo of Dardo with Mélançon-Golden.

“There is a big difference between childhood and adulthood activity. Common sense and morality has gone into the toilet,” one commenter wrote.

“Children don’t do this on their own. They are coached and scripted. How sick that adults would exploit a child in this abusive way,” another stated.

“If the guy down the street had those pictures on his phone, he would be prosecuted—and rightly so—for child porn. Everyone involved should be,” a third opined.

“As it was in the days of Lot (Noah) so shall it be … in the day when the Son of man is revealed,” another wrote, referring to the words of Christ in Matthew 24 regarding the end of the age. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, as they say; come, Lord Jesus.”

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