Wisc. Elementary School Teacher Who Identifies as ‘Both’ Male and Female Records ‘Coming Out’ Video for Students

MADISON, Wisc. — An elementary school science teacher in Wisconsin recently recorded a “coming out” video for his students to “introduce [himself] anew” as neither male or female but “Mx.” Some parents are now reportedly upset that they were not informed of the intended announcement.

Mark Busenbark, who teaches K-5 students at Frank Allis Elementary School in Madison, had posted about the matter on social media a day prior to the release of the video.

“Tomorrow, I am out. Tomorrow, all of my students will know the truth. And they are the last to hear,” he wrote, according to a screenshot released by the Florida-based Liberty Counsel.

“I teach in a school where some of our students have been taught by society that being transgender is wrong. That being gay is wrong. But I am still coming out,” Busenbark stated, outlining that he had the support of principal Sara Cutler.

In the video, which was reportedly shown to the children on May 16, Busenbark told the students that he had been hiding something from them and others.

“You’ve known me as Mr. Busenbark or Mr. B.,” he stated. “Most of what you know is true. Most of what you know won’t change. But there is one truth that I’ve hidden from you [and] until about a month ago from my fellow teachers, from friends, from family: I am transgender.”

In asking the children if they know what the term means, Busenbark said that perhaps they are only familiar “through the filter of those who hate and fear.” He then advised that he wanted to read the children the book “They Call Me Mix” to help them understand, stating, “I hope that I’m going to grow into who I’m going to become.”

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“Are you a boy or a girl? How can you be both? Some days I am both. Some days I am neither. Most days I am everything in between,” the book says. “I am a non-binary teacher. I teach my students about respecting all genders.”

Busenbark then proceeded to “introduce [himself] anew” to the students.

“I am going to take my wife, Stella Steel’s, last name. And I am going to use not Mr., not Miss, but Mx. So, you can call me Mx. Steel,” he said. “And for my pronouns, I’m using they, them and their.”

The video ended with the text, “I am not just a boy. I am not just a girl. I am both! I am everything in between. I am Mx. Steel.”

View the video in full here.

According to Fox News, some parents were not pleased that the video had been shown to their child, especially without prior notification.

“I’ve had to sit down with my kids and explain that what they heard is flat-out wrong and incorrect,” the parent stated. “We will be kind to others, but we will not be involved in adult games of make-believe. Shame on those that support this!”

In Mark 10:6-8, Jesus said, “[F]rom the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife, and they twain shall be one flesh.”

Proverbs 21:2 also outlines, “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord pondereth the hearts.”

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