‘Abby, Please Don’t Kill Our Baby!’ Dad Begs for Baby’s Life as Mom Goes in for Abortion in Heartbreaking Video

GRANITE CITY, Ill. — A heartbreaking video recorded outside the so-called Hope Clinic for Women in Illinois captured the sound of a father in tears as he pleaded for the life of his unborn child.

“Please don’t kill our baby! Abby, please don’t kill our baby! Abby!” the man loudly begged from outside the building, then broke down sobbing.

The video was posted to social media on Friday by a man named John Ryan, and has generated over 44,000 Facebook views as of press time. A separate brief recording shows the young man sitting on the sidewalk with his face buried in his arms, still distraught.

“Whatever happens, son, you’ve done the right thing,” a voice can be heard saying.

“Father’s Day weekend nightmare. This father is kneeling at the doors of this abortion mill crying out hysterically for the life of his child,” Ryan wrote.

The man, whose name is Tyler, explained to pro-life sidewalk counselors that Abby’s stepmother had brought her there for an abortion.

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“He said she has three other children at home, including a 4 1/2-year-old who is very much aware that mom is pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her sibling. He said they planned this baby,” Ryan explained.

“The baby at risk is 12 weeks old. … [Y]ou can hear this father crying out for his child’s life. It is heartbreaking. This is what a real father does when his child is in imminent danger.”

A number of those who support abortion “rights” have commented under the video to mock it or claim that the man was funny or fake.

“I can’t stop laughing! I keep watching this video over and over again, crying because I’m laughing so hard,” one commenter wrote. “What a [expletive] moron.”

“Almost laughed at his wailing,” another stated. “Don’t have sex with someone who doesn’t want your kids or have the same views on family planning as you do and you won’t have this problem.”

“Sir, that is a fetus you are throwing a tantrum over,” a third remarked.

However, others expressed heartbreak in viewing the footage.

“I pray the baby will be okay. This poor father. What a tragedy,” one commenter wrote.

“If a mere human being is upset like this over aborting a baby, killing it actually, imagine how God feels about it,” another noted.

“I was in that exact same position once. God saved my little girl Hanna. Thank you Abba!” a third shared. “So sad for that daddy. Tragic is the only word to describe this!”

As previously reported, in March, a man in Alabama sued his local abortion facility for killing his son or daughter after his girlfriend ended the life of their unborn child via a drug-induced abortion despite his wishes.

“I’m here for the men who actually want to have their baby,” Ryan Magers, 19, told local television station WAAY. “I believe every child from conception is a baby and deserves to live.”

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