UK Headteacher Reports Student’s Church for ‘Hate Crime’ After Child Accused of ‘Homophobic Remarks’

LONDON — A headteacher in the UK who suspended two 10-year-old students over allegations that they had made “homophobic remarks” after expressing objection to a lesson for Pride Month also reported a church that one of the children attends for a “hate crime.”

The Christian Legal Centre reports that the parents of the children asked to see written confessions as the students at Heavers Farm Primary School in London deny allegations that they said they wanted homosexuals to be killed or that homosexuals are “dumb.”

Instead of being provided with any confession, the parents were given a redacted timeline of events that showed that both children and their churches were reported to social services and the counter-terrorism authority Prevent. One of the churches, New Destiny Church, was noted as specifically being “reported to police” for a “hate crime” due to allegations that a female student said she wanted homosexuals killed, which she refutes as being untrue.

The Christian Legal Centre outlines that the “hate crime” accusation implies “that the biblical teaching of the church was the source of the alleged anti-LGBT behavior.”

As previously reported, last month, a fifth grade teacher at Heavers Farm handed out a coloring sheet to his class for a lesson involving Pride Month.

“Sir, please, may I not take part in this lesson?” a boy named Farrell asked, according to a press release. The teacher advised that the lesson was a part of the curriculum and opting out was therefore not possible.

Farrell later told a visiting teacher that he does not “accept LGBT” because of his religious beliefs. He was sitting next to another student, Kaysey, who likewise objects to the lessons.

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“Do you want them to die?” the teacher reportedly asked the two. They replied no.

Farrell advised, however, that if the two were to go back to their ancestral countries, homosexual behavior is not allowed there. The teacher then asked Farrell where he is from. He replied that he is of African Jamaican descent and “everybody is Christian and Catholic, so they don’t accept LGBT.”

When the head teacher, Susan Papas, learned of the matter, she allegedly became upset and shouted at the two in front of the class. Kaysey states that Papas also rebuked them privately by stating, “How dare you? You are a disappointment to the school.”

Kaysey says that she was put in a room where she was again confronted.

“How dare you say that you want to kill LGBT people?” she quotes Papas as stating.

“I didn’t say kill,” Kaysey replied.

“Yes, you did, and don’t lie,” Papas responded.

Kaysey, a Pentecostal, was placed in detention for five hours and suspended for five days. Farrell, a Roman Catholic, was likewise put in detention and suspended, including over allegations that he said that “LGBT s*cks” and “LGBT’s dumb,” which he denies.

The parents of both children, Karen Francis-Austin and Lisa Spence, filed a complaint about the matter with the Principal Officer for Exclusions Prevention, and have requested that their children be excused from any further lessons on homosexuality and transgenderism.

The Christian Legal Institute notes that “Kaysey and her classmates have had to do rainbow coloring art lessons, math lessons with LGBT problem-solving themes, and English lessons that involve writing to MPs saying that people should be encouraged to ‘come out.’ They have also had to read and watch a number of children’s stories which encourage and normalize same-sex relationships and transgenderism, for example, ‘Tango Makes Three.'”

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The revelation that Kaysey’s church was reported for a “hate crime” over the matter demonstrates the severity of the times Christians are living in, the organization states.

“My hope is this case will get people and particularly church leaders to see the gravity of the situation we face,” said Chief Executive Andrea Williams in a statement. “What kind of society are we living in when a headteacher, whose job it is to look after and teach young children, is reporting their alleged words to social services, the government’s counter-terrorism body and the police?”

“Ten-year-old children are being treated like terrorists,” she lamented. “The actions of the headteacher are so serious and put Christian families under extreme pressure. Her actions do not show proportionality, they show zeal in eradicating any dissent to the LGBT agenda in the school.”

Kaysey says that when she returned to school following her suspension she learned that her classmates were told not to speak to her.

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