HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ Features Polyamorous ‘Throuple’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. — Home and Garden Television’s (HGTV) popular show “House Hunters,” which documents couples’ adventures in buying a home, featured a polyamorous “throuple” for the first time on Wednesday — that is, a husband and wife who have decided to bring another woman into their relationship as the wife identifies as bisexual.

The episode, entitled “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” featured Brian and Lori — along with a woman named Angelica, who lives with the couple as a threesome.

“I understood from day one, even when we were dating, that Lori was bisexual and interested in women and men,” Brian states during the broadcast. “And so, we evolved to a point where we were comfortable having another woman in our lives.”

According to Deadline, Brian and Lori married in 2002 and have two children. Angelica — known as Geli — met the couple in a bar and soon moved in with the family.

“I didn’t plan on being in a relationship with a married couple, but it just happened very naturally, organically,” Geli remarked. “Buying a house together as a throuple will signify our next big step as a family of five, rather than all four of them plus me.”

In the episode, Brian also disclosed that the three recently traveled to Aruba, where they held a ceremony to commit themselves to each other.

“In this country, of course, you can only be married to one other individual, so we joined with Angelica in a commitment ceremony,” he said. “This has nothing to do with church and state; it’s a commitment between the three of us. We are all equals in this relationship.”

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After returning, the three wanted to find a house in Colorado that would suit them all. Wednesday’s broadcast centered on the search and the house that they ultimately chose.

Some viewers applauded HGTV for presenting an episode with “housing for families that aren’t traditional nuclear structures.”

“This throuple on House Hunters … Good for them,” one commenter wrote. “Representation matters.”

“I stayed up to 1:30 because I knew that’s when the rerun of the throuple episode of House Hunters would hit, and I am not disappointed,” another tweeted.

Others expressed sorrow, not only over the continued degradation of society, but the promotion of it.

“Wow @hgtv, I can’t believe you aired an episode of #HouseHunters with a ‘throuple.’ I’ve been watching your channel and ‘House Hunters’ every night for years and this made me change the channel,” one viewer posted. “I’m disgusted you decided to air this and I won’t be watching HGTV again.”

“The normalization of polyamory rolls down the track, just as I and others predicted it would. It was, as I said, less a ‘slippery slope’ than a simple unfolding of the logic of social liberalism,” likewise lamented Princeton professor Robert P. George.

Deuteronomy 12:8 reads, “Ye shall not do after all the things that we do here this day, every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes.”

Proverbs 3:7 also states, “Be not wise in thine own eyes. Fear the Lord and depart from evil.”

The late preacher Lee Roy Shelton (1923 – 2003) once mourned, “We are living in a day of great lawlessness and ungodliness, and just about every man, woman, and child is doing what seems right in his or her own eyes, giving no heed to the righteous demands of God’s holy Law. Wickedness abounds in every stratum of our society.”

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