‘It’s a … Borted!’ Teen Posts Fake Gender Reveal Video to Joke About Abortion

A video posted to the site TikTok shows a teen depicting herself as going to the doctor for a gender reveal and then later opening a piece of paper to excitedly show that the child had been aborted. The young woman behind the video now says that she was never pregnant, but that the creation — which generated much outrage — was a “joke.”

The short video begins by showing the teen looking at her stomach in front of a mirror, with the caption, “Finding out my baby’s gender today.” The next clip represents her arriving at the doctor’s office, with the sentiment, “Kinda nervous.”

The young woman then records herself as she is having her gown tied. A photo shows her obtaining an ultrasound. On the screen appear the words, “It’s a …”

The video then cuts to footage of the teen opening an envelope with a friend, which would suggest to the viewer that she is learning the gender of her baby. As she opens the paper inside of it, she turns to her friend with large eyes and gaping mouth as if in shock.

The teen then flips the paper around excitedly to reveal the word “Borted.” The 15-second video uses the song “Perfect Day” by Hoku for its background music.

Among those who re-shared the video to social media was a Republican Party fan page, which wrote on Facebook, “This is disgusting. Look what has happened to society.” As of press time, the post has received 1.8 million views.

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The original Tik Tok video has since been deleted, and according to KnowYourMeme.com, the TikTok user behind the video says that the depiction was fake and that she only went to the doctor because she was constipated.

“Hi to everyone who followed me from that Tik Tok I posted,” she wrote. “It was fake. Ya’ll [crude language] can get over it. But since some of ya’ll don’t know how to take jokes, the creator of the video told me to take it down.”

“Me trying to enjoy my Saturday while everyone is brawling in my comments over my fake abortion,” the teen also posted with a photograph of herself applying makeup. “I was just really constipated, so the only thing to mourn is the [profanity] that had been in my stomach since last Friday and wouldn’t come out. Please stop yelling at me.”

Proverbs 14:9 says, “Fools make a mock at sin, but among the righteous there is favor.”

The late English Baptist pastor John Gill expounded on the passage by saying, “Fools make a mock at sin: At sinful actions, their own or others — they make light of them, a jest of them, call evil good and good evil; take pleasure in doing them themselves, and in those that do them; yea, sport themselves with the mischief that arises from them unto others; they make a mock at reproofs for them, and scoff at those that instruct and rebuke them; and laugh at a future state, and an awful judgment they are warned of, and in a scoffing manner say, ‘Where is the promise of His coming?'”

He said that the verse may also be read to state that “sin makes a mock of fools,” in that “it deceives them, it promises them pleasure, or profit, or honor, but gives them neither, but all the reverse.”

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