Detroit Police’s Corona Crackdown on Christians Outside Abortion Facility Ends With Twin Babies Being Saved

DETROIT — In a video posted to social media, approximately eight uniformed police officers showed up to enforce Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order against peaceful Christians who were outside of an open abortion facility during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to reach mothers with biblical truth. The men state that one woman later spared the lives of her twins and walked out of the building during their outreach.

Andrew Belanger, who is associated with ONElife for Life, was outside of Scotsdale Women’s Center and Family Planning on Monday when several police cars pulled up to confront him. Miles O’Brien and Justin Phillips, who are also with the organization, soon arrived to join Belanger and noted the significant police presence.

According to a descriptor under the video, ONElife reported:

“Today, several police officers showed up at the Women’s Health Center in Scotsdale with intentions to intimidate our missionary Andrew. Thankfully, God knew this would happen, and He called our missionaries Justin and Miles to join Andrew today. The officers ordered them all to leave and threatened them with jail time. … In the midst of all of this, God saved twins!”

In the footage, one of the officers warns, “We’re here for a violation of the stay-at-home order by the governor, okay? This isn’t essential to be out right now. … Right now, it’s a $500 fine. If you keep this up after that, we’ll take you to jail.”

One of the men subsequently contends that the order allows residents to go outside and asks why they cannot do so. The officer, who advises that his supervisor is on the way, asks if the men are doing anything “essential” and threatens, “If my boss orders me to lock everybody up, that’s what we’ll do.”

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The men tell the officers that is unjust to allow abortion facilities to continue killing unborn children while a few people standing outside to save those babies’ lives are being threatened with arrest.

“Without the law of God, without the fear of God, you won’t know justice,” Phillips states.

“No justice is being carried out for these babies,” Belanger laments to viewers. “They’re more concerned with us coming out holding signs, being voices. But we love these officers; we’re praying for them.”

“We want to obey God. God has commanded us in his word not to murder. And every business is being shut down, deemed non-essential, just about,” he says. “But then you have the abortion mill staying open. And there might be 15 babies inside right now who are scheduled for death.”

The officers outline that they are going to issue Belanger a ticket, advising that they are just following orders. They argue that “protests” are prohibited because they are not essential, but the abortion facility is considered a medical service — and that conversely is necessary.

“Let me tell you something. This is a medical office. That’s essential,” one officer remarks.

“If I were to say that babies were dying in a place and it was my job to go rescue them, I would say that’s pretty essential,” O’Brien refutes.

But the officers decline to budge, stating that the governor’s order cannot be overruled.

“Murdering babies in this country is essential. It’s an essential business that must continue no matter what. That’s the nation we live in,” Phillips mourns moments later as he speaks to the camera. “We as the Church [have] got to wake up.”

The men then begin to pray for the police officers, some of whom begin to slowly walk away. One who remains in place bows his head.

By the end of the video, the men explain that they spoke to a woman named Jasmine, who is expecting twins and who changed her mind about aborting her children. She received literature from them and exchanged phone numbers, and also showed the Christians her ultrasound.

“God opened her eyes and God softened her heart, and she came out,” Belanger joys. “Amidst all of this [with the police] earlier and God continues to bring encouragement: twins. And I know I’m going to be thinking about this a lot lately.”

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4.3.2020: This article has been corrected to note that when police arrived, only Belanger was standing outside the facility, but O’Brien and Phillips soon joined him. Belanger was also the only one cited. 

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