Babies Saved From Death While Christians Cited, Arrested in Charlotte Amid Stay-at-Home Order

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A number of Christians in North Carolina were cited and/or arrested on Saturday as they stood spread apart from each other on the sidewalk outside of an abortion facility that remained open and operating during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of the citations and arrests, at least two babies were spared from death and one couple reportedly gave their life to Christ.

“[I]f the [County] and the State are going to view the abortion clinics as essential, we have to be viewed as essential as well,” said Daniel Park with Cities4Life Charlotte in a post on social media. “Had we not been there, they would have gone into that abortion clinic, likely killed their child and carried that regret with them for the rest of their life.”

Cities4Life provides free resources to mothers contemplating abortion, including baby supplies and other goods, and volunteers with the organization assist with the HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center mobile ultrasound unit, which regularly parks outside of A Preferred Women’s Health Center to offer hope and help.

Parks says that four people with Cities4Life were at the abortion facility this morning when they were approached by a major with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

“[O]ne of the police majors came over to us right away and … he showed up with a chip on his shoulder,” he recalled. “He was obviously ready to make some arrests and write some citations, and he told us, ‘I’m just telling you if there’s more than 10 people, we’re going to disperse you all, and we’re going to be writing citations and all of that.'”

The major also told the four that they could not distribute literature to people in their vehicles as that would violate the six foot rule.

Cities4Life didn’t expect to have more than 10 from their group present, but other Christians in the city — namely individuals with LoveLife Charlotte, a group that regularly conducts prayer walks outside abortion facilities — soon came to pray on the sidewalk. All were distanced apart from each other so as to practice social distancing.

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Some of those praying directed a couple of abortion-minded women to the mobile ultrasound unit.

“After there were more than 10 [people], police began to write them citations and ultimately ended up taking some folks to jail, unfortunately,” Parks explained.

He said that there were ultimately 12 police cars on the scene. Reports state that 12 Christians were cited, and eight of those were also arrested.

“It was like there must have been a mass murder — and there was,” said Cities4Life volunteer Vicky Kaseorg, referring to the many mothers arriving for an abortion, “but they weren’t doing anything about the mass murder.”

“[The police were] not there to do anything about the death and destruction. They were there to hinder the work of those who are pleading to help and for life,” she puzzled.

Parks estimates that there were about 20 people in the abortion facility, plus seven or eight workers, remarking that the women must have been packed in the waiting room “like sardines.”

“[S]o, almost 30 people inside that building … and yet the police are out front harassing people who are spread out more than six feet apart, abiding by all the things they’re supposed to abide by,” he lamented.

While the citations and arrests were underway, Kaseorg and two other volunteers were ministering to those that LoveLife had directed to the mobile ultrasound unit.

“One of the pro-lifers brought a wonderful young couple to me, and there was already an abortion-minded woman on board the RV … and that young lady was very abortion-minded but apparently chose life,” she explained in a Facebook live video.


“[W]e listed all of their obstacles and we went through step-by-step how our partner ministries and our organization could meet their struggles, and then we were able to go on the RV with that young couple,” Kaseorg outlined. “They saw their baby, and they said that they were going to [keep the baby] based on all those resources that would help with literally every issue they faced.”

She stated that the couple began talking about whether they wanted a boy or girl and discussed possible names.

Kaseorg then shared the gospel with the two, and they listened intently to her words, asking questions along the way.

“Praise God, both of them decided that they wanted to submit their lives right then and there on the RV,” she joyed. “They repented of their sins and they spoke to God and said that they wanted Him to be Lord of their life. … They wanted to strive to follow Him in every area of their life.”

“So, not only was that precious child saved, but two precious souls were now ushered right into the kingdom of God,” Kaseorg continued, “… and at the same time the police were arresting the pro-life people who are a part of the huge network of support for Cities4Life that makes it possible for women to believe that they don’t really need to choose abortion.”

She said that the two saves underscore how essential it is for the organization to be present.

“If those two women had not met us, had not been told of all the help available for them, they would be just another statistic of death and those babies would be dead right now in all likelihood,” Kaseorg outlined. “Both [were] strongly abortion-minded [and] both turned from death to life because we were there.”

“So, we are an essential service if you believe the unborn child is a living human being,” she said. “[God] uses us, and He can’t use us if we’re not here.”

While expressing concern about the actions of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Parks said that he was thankful that lives were saved in the midst of it.

“I’m encouraged that God can move in spite of the different things that the City of Charlotte is trying to do and other cities are trying to do,” he stated. “It’s His work, after all. … God does the baby-saving, not us. We’re just the vessels He uses.”

View other videos on the matter here, here and here.

As previously reported, seven Christians, including four pastors, were arrested on Monday while praying outside of A Woman’s Choice of Greensboro, and three were arrested last Saturday. The religious liberties organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) sent a demand letter on Thursday to the City of Greensboro to seek relief and cooperation before filing any legal action.

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