British Man Caught Smuggling Roasted, Gold-Plated Fetuses for Black Magic Ritual

A British man has been arrested for attempting to smuggle roasted fetuses to Taiwan for a black magic ritual.

Chow Hok Kuen, 28, was taken into custody by police after a tip led them to find a box of fetuses stashed in Kuen’s luggage in his hotel room in Thailand. The six fetuses, ranging in approximate gestation from two to seven months, were charred and covered in gold leaf.

Kuen explained to authorities that he had bought the fetuses online for $6,000 and was transporting them to Taiwan, where he would sell them for a black magic ritual. He stated that he was looking to make a profit from the burned babies by selling them for up to $40,000.

He faces up to a year in prison.

The black magic ceremony of Guman Thong (translated as “Golden Baby Boy”) is still performed in eastern communities today. It was said to be used to bring good fortune upon those who participate in the ritual. While some may use statues or trinkets instead of fetuses, deceased babies have been a part of Guman Thong since ancient times.

Historically, in the occult practice, fetuses (normally stillborn) are removed from their mother’s womb, transported to a cemetery and charred upon an open flame. As the baby is burning, those present chant mantras over the fetus to invoke a “magical spirit”  that was believed to be present in the child. The fetus is then painted with lacquer and covered in gold leaf. According to the ritual, all of this must be done in the dark before the sun rises.

Recipients of the Guman Thong would then keep the gold-plated fetus in their home and would care for it as if it was their own child. It was said that a ghost or “child-spirit” would then watch over the recipient and bring him or her success and prosperity.

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According to all indications, the fetuses obtained by Kuen had been treated according to the ancient ritual. It is unknown as to the origin of the six babies.

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