Abortionists in India Allegedly Feeding Fetuses to Dogs

Reports out of Maharashtra, India state that abortionists are purportedly feeding aborted fetuses to dogs.

Varsha Deshpande of the group Lek Ladki Abhiyan, which works to stop sex-selection in the country, says that she has been investigating the matter and has found it to be true.

Deshpande explained that during a sting operation in 2010, abortionist Sudam Munde of Beed admitted that he was aborting female babies and feeding their bodies to the dogs. The police took Munde into custody after the incident, but when he was released, he allegedly continued his activities.

“A person even saw a fetus being fed to the animals,” she lamented. “This is known to everyone in Beed, but the police are not taking action as Munde is influential.”

However, Munde was recently arrested a second time after a woman died during an abortion procedure as she was seeking the termination of the life of her pre-born female child.

Deshpande believes that a number of abortionists keep multiple dogs as pets as a means to get around the “hassle” of disposing of fetuses. She also thinks that it is being done in order to cover up the practice of sex-selection abortion by parents who prefer to raise a son over a daughter.

While government officials remains skeptical about the practice, the current boy to girl ratio in the country is causing others to believe that something is certainly wrong. Only 801 girls are estimated to be born each year in the country per every thousand boys.

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The abortion of female fetuses is a common practice in other eastern countries, such as Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Caucasus.

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