Obama Hires ‘Faith Vote Director’ to Rally Christians for His Re-Election

The Obama administration has hired a “faith vote director” to rally Christians for his re-election.

Michael Wear, 24, has been working for Obama for the past three and a half years in his Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. While his focus has been on social programs, such as promoting adoption and foster care, he has also been engaged in efforts to build bridges between Obama and the evangelical community.

In 2008, Wear helped to arrange the presidential debate at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. He also set up a meeting with Christian leaders in Chicago in order to garner support for Obama, and organized the prayer service at Washington National Cathedral for his inauguration.

Reports state that Wear, who is from Buffalo, New York, was raised Catholic, but has been attending National Community Church, a non-denominational, evangelical church in Washington, D.C., for several years. National Community Church, also known as “theater church” according to its website, has six locations in the D.C. area. It “uses video technology for the message portion of certain services” in simulcasting the sermons to the various buildings to “ensure[] that everyone hears the same message.” Some facilities are rented spaces and others are owned by the church.

Christian News Network contacted National Community Church to inquire about its teachings, as well as their thoughts about Wear’s promotion to Obama’s “faith vote director.” However, after several phone calls, a representative explained that none wished to discuss the matter as the church is “apolitical,” and added, “Good luck.”

Ware recently moved to Chicago to take his position in Obama’s re-election campaign. He will be working to draw the support of evangelical Christians in casting their vote for Obama during the upcoming election, as well as to join together with him in whatever ways possible.

Ware’s Twitter page features a little bit of everything, from re-tweeted Obama posts to various Scriptures and comments about church gatherings. He also expresses an appreciation for T.D. Jakes and Louie Giglio.

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“I’ve been blessed to hear @Bishop Jakes preach at some pretty amazing and historic services. No one handles these types of services better,” he writes. “Is there anyone who better represents an integrated, diverse and thriving church in America than Bishop Jakes?”

While some professing Christian leaders state that they will continue to support Obama despite his announcement earlier this month that he is in favor of homosexual “marriage,” others still have deep concerns about his stances on various moral issues — not only  homosexual marriage, but also abortion.

“It is my responsibility as a pastor to speak to issues both popular and unpopular which affect the moral fiber of our society,” stated Darryl Husband, of Mount Olivet Church in Richmond, Virginia. “No, I will not be silent and I challenge other leaders as well to let their voices be raised without thinking this attack is a personal, political party, homophobic or color issue. By NO means is it. This is a moral issue, period. We must sound the alarm, ‘Mr. President, rescind your remarks, revisit your views and hear the voice of the Lord. We need you to stand for what is right, not what appears to be popular,'” he declared.

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