California Christians Take the Gospel to the Streets

Several Christians from a church in California have decided to take the Gospel out of the four walls of the church and onto the streets.

Rondy Martin, Benjamin Olegario and Anthony Andaya make it a point to meet every Friday or Saturday afternoon to preach to their neighbors in Visalia. The men, accompanied by their wives and children, share their testimonies at busy intersections in the city with whomever will listen.

“I’ll tell you that before I got saved, I used to be heavily bound in pornography. I used to be a habitual curser. I used to do a lot of things that were not pleasing to a holy and righteous God,” shared Olegario as he preached on a handheld microphone. “Now I have the hope in Jesus Christ, and I have the assurance that I will make heaven my home! Amen!”

“I’m just out here to basically share what Jesus Christ has done for my life — how he’s delivered me from drugs, from addiction, from alcohol, from sex outside of marriage,” stated Andaya.

The men are firm believers in street preaching and state that the practice is Biblical.

“They did this back in the day, during biblical times. They preached in the street, and we do the same thing,” Andaya said.

While the men admit that they do receive negative reaction from some members of the community, others are appreciative of their outreach.

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“I think it’s awesome what he’s doing. He’s a man of God! It’s great to hear this preaching,” one man told the Visalia Times-Delta as he waited at a stop light.

The preachers are members of a small church called Potter’s House Christian Fellowship. They state that for the most part, police are supportive of their work and some even give a thumbs up as they drive by.

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