Couple to Build Christian-Based Summer Camp in Kentucky

A couple from South Carolina is working to build Christian-based Summer camp in Eastern Kentucky.

Stephen and Millissia Owens are from Goose Creek, South Carolina, and have a dream of turning a 100-acre plot of land into a farm where kids can learn life lessons out in the country. Animals, cabins and crops will all be a part of the new camp. Christian principles will be incorporated into simple activities like milking cows and collecting chicken eggs, and worship services will be held at a local Baptist church.

“We plan to teach them how to plant seeds in the ground and how that is the same thing as it is in your life,” Stephen Owens said. “What you put into that seed is what you’re going to get out of it.”

Some of the seeds planted will be used as cash crops to financially support the camp.

“[T]hey will carry buckets of water and boil it … learn how to build a fire, plant a flower, catch a fish or identify a tree,” he added. “Kids need guidance and direction.”

While Christian children will largely be involved in the activities, the Owens’ state that they will invite children that do not have a Christian upbringing to participate as well.

The camp is still in its planning stages. The couple is currently clearing brush on the 100-acre property.

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