Notorious Abortionist’s Secret Late-Term Abortuary Exposed

The secret late-term abortion facility of a notorious abortionist has been exposed, and his accomplice is facing charges that reportedly could cost him his license.

Operation Rescue announced yesterday that it has found the previously undisclosed location that abortionist James Pendergraft has been sending clients to for late term abortions.

Pendergraft, who owns five abortion facilities in Florida, is prohibited by state law from  performing abortions past 24 weeks. He currently is also not allowed to practice medicine in any state as his license has been suspended for the fourth time due to medical practice violations. His setup in Maryland is considered by Operation Rescue as a means to circumvent Florida law.

The organization states that it has been conducting a seven-month undercover investigation into a shady bi-state abortion practice announced on Pendergraft’s website Various members of Operation Rescue called the number listed on the website, which turned out to be Pendergraft’s personal cell phone number, and posed as those seeking late-term abortions. The conversations were recorded as Pendergraft explained that he needed them  to wire money to Florida, after which he would provide them with the address of the heretofore undisclosed location.

During the discussions, which the organization has included in part in a video it uploaded to YouTube, Pendergraft explained the abortion procedure in detail.

“We will inject some medication into the fetal tissue to stop the heartrate — the heartbeat,” he explained. “In the following day, we would give some medication that would start the process to terminate the pregnancy (dismember the baby).”

Pendergraft also stated that abortions can be performed up until birth, and that they can be done for virtually any reason. Those reasons, he alluded, can be manufactured.

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Through the investigation, Operation Rescue reports that it learned that Pendergraft had been working with abortionist Harold O. Alexander, who operates Integrated OB/GYN, located at 7610 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 305, in Forestville, Maryland. The office is located inside of a large business center known as the John Hanson Building.

The organization says that it also discovered that a woman named Kay is responsible for making the arrangements between Pendgraft and Alexander.

Operation Rescue filed complaints with the Maryland Board of Physicians, requesting an investigation into both abortionists. It also handed over the audio files, while continuing to conduct an investigation and sharing information with authorities.

“We didn’t say anything about our discoveries publicly in order to give the Maryland investigators an opportunity to catch these men red-handed,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We did not want to tip Pendergraft off and have him cover his tracks.”

Alexander has now been charged with violating the Maryland Medical Practice Act, which includes the destruction of records, botched abortions, sexually inappropriate communications with clients and illegally prescribing Viagra and other drugs to non-patients, including himself.

Pendergraft’s file remains open as he has not yet been charged.

Operation Rescue believes that the scheme that Pendergraft and Alexander arranged is identical to that of another abortionist, who was charged in December of 2011 for also performing late-term abortions in Maryland as part of a multi-state abortion ring.

Abortionist James Pendergraft

“The arrangement between Pendergraft and Alexander appears to be one that mirrors the arrangement between Steven Chase Brigham, Nicola Riley, and George S. Shepard, Jr.,” the organization writes on its online report. “Brigham conducted his enterprise in Maryland to avoid abortion laws in his home state, as does Pendergraft. Brigham used Riley’s and Shepard’s Maryland medical licenses to give his scheme legitimacy. Pendergraft uses Alexander’s medical license in Maryland in the same way, to make everything appear legal, when in fact, it is dangerous and in violation of the standard of care.”

Since the Maryland Board of Physicians has not yet shut down the operation, Pendergraft and Alexander continue to offer late-term abortions.

“We don’t know if the board is stalling out of political pressure from the pro-abortion side that wants to keep abortionists unaccountable in Maryland, or if they are stalling until the new clinic regulations take effect on July 23, 2012,” said Newman. “We know that Alexander is already facing the Board’s wrath, and Pendergraft has years and years of legal troubles. It may be that this pair of offenders will be unwilling or unable to comply with the new safety rules. That is our hope should the Board not act to protect women.”

Pendergraft has a long history of violating the law. In addition to having his license suspended four times, he has reportedly paid tens of thousands of dollars in fines, as well as hundreds of thousands in administrative costs. His most recent suspension is for allowing a staff member to administer drugs without a license and for proscribing steroids without cause to another employee that was known to have a drug addiction. In 2007, his license was suspended for performing illegal late-term abortions.

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