New Jersey Police: Satanic Cult May Have Stolen Grandmother’s Body

Pleasantville, New Jersey — Police state that a satanic cult may be behind the recent theft of the body of a 98-year-old grandmother.

The body of Pauline Spinelli, who died sixteen years ago, is believed to have been stolen late last week from the Greenwood Cemetery in Pleasantville. She was buried inside of a mausoleum that she had constructed a number of years ago following the death of her first child. Two of her other children and their spouses are reportedly entombed in the mausoleum as well.

Police state that they believe that thieves smashed the glass door on the mausoleum in order to gain entry, then used some sort of instrument to pry open the marble slab that sealed off the flooring. Then, the individuals removed the casket, took the body and slipped away. Paula LaFollette, Spinelli’s granddaughter, said that the only item that remained inside of the casket was a cloth that had covered her grandmother.

“They’re sick people; they’re crazy,” stated Rocky Spinelli, one of the woman’s grandsons. “You gotta think…They took her out of the box and threw her in the back of their car with them. … I don’t want to see someone desecrate her body — chop her up or make some sort of voodoo dust out of her.”

“Cults are one of the things we will look at,” Captain Rocky Melendez of the Pleasantville Police Department told ABC News. “We’re looking into different angles of why someone would take someone’s remains.”

LaFollette says that her husband is researching the matter and also thinks that a satanic group may have taken the body for a ritual.

“Who else would want a body?” she asked.

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