Tiller’s Former Abortion Accomplice Sues in Attempt to Regain License

A family practitioner who served as an accomplice to Kansas abortionist George Tiller has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to regain her license.

Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus recently filed a complaint in Shawnee County District Court, requesting that a decision from the Kansas Board of Healing Arts that took away her ability to practice medicine would be overturned. From 1999 to the time of his death in 2006, Neuhaus provided second opinions for abortionist George Tiller, who was required under law to have a doctor’s approval before performing a late-term abortion.

Regulations in the state of Kansas generally outlaw late-term abortions, except when “substantial and irreversable” harm will result, injuring a “major bodily function.” Until recently, the law included mental health in this category, which had to be substantiated by a doctor like Neuhaus.

In February of this year, after the pro-life organization Operation Rescue filed a complaint against Neuhaus, a judge ruled against the family practitioner, stating that she insufficiently analyzed 11 young girls who came to her for a second opinion, ages 10 through 18, and that the girls’ safety was “seriously jeopardized.” Records appeared to show little examination of the teens’ mental health before sending them to Tiller to have the abortion. Neuhaus claimed that she didn’t write down all of the details of each case in order to protect the patient’s privacy.

“We have every confidence that the Board’s decision to revoke Neuhaus’ medical license was a sound one made for the public good that will stand up to any legal challenge. Her final gambit is a frail hope that the pro-abortion Kansas Supreme Court will overturn the revocation,” commented Operation Rescue president Troy Newman after learning of the filing. “It is more likely that this appeal is simply an attempt to delay having to pay the fees that the Board levied upon her.”

Neuhaus’ attorney, Kelly Kauffman, said that she believes the legal process will be lengthy, and could take at least two years before a final decision is rendered.

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