Australian House of Representatives Rejects Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Bill

The Australian House of Representatives has rejected a measure that sought to recognize homosexual “marriage” on the Aussie continent.

By an overwhelming majority vote of 98 to 42, Australian legislators defeated the bill, which was introduced by Labor Party representative Stephen Jones.

“I would like to thank the opposition for keeping its election promise and for all those members of Labor who, as a matter of conscience, voted to ensure that marriage remained between a man and a woman,” stated Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby following the vote.

Opponents of the bill included Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her deputy Dwayne Swan.

Senior government minister Anthony Albarese said that he was disappointed by the vote and thinks that same-sex unions will eventually be legalized.

“I think at some future time our Parliament will catch up with community opinion, just as it has on other issues,” he said. “Just a few years ago there wouldn’t have been the support of anything like 42 votes on the floor of the national Parliament for a marriage equality bill.”

The measure is part of four bills that are being considered by both houses of legislature in recognition of homosexual “marriage.”

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Photo: JJ Harrison

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