‘Tebowing’ Prayer Pose Officially Trademarked

New York Jets starting quarterback Tim Tebow recently trademarked his popular prayer pose known by fans as “Tebowing.”

Many have come to recognize and emulate the practice, in which Tebow goes down on one knee, and then raises his fist to his forehead as he bows to acknowledge God on the football field.

The Christian athlete states that he did not seek to trademark Tebowing for monetary gain, but rather to “just control how it’s used [and] make sure it’s used the right way.” According to indications, Tebow wishes to ensure that the reverent prayer posture is not used blasphemously, nor exploited for commercial purposes.

Additionally, it appears that not only the word “Tebowing” has been trademarked, but also the manner in which the action is carried out.

In addition to praying on the football field, Tebow has been recognized in years past for inscribing Bible verses on his face with eye black, such as John 3:16 or Ephesians 2:8-10. His practice has sparked the curiosity of many, who have then Googled the Scriptures.

As the son of Philippine missionaries, Tebow’s mother was encouraged by doctors to abort her child when she contracted a potentially life-threatening infection on the mission field. She refused, and give birth to Tim, who was found to have no medical abnormalities. Tebow’s life story was the focus of a popular Superbowl commercial in 2010.

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