Christian Club Files Suit Against Utah College for Denying Recognition Over Religious Identification

A Christian student organization has filed suit against Snow College in Ephraim, Utah for reportedly denying the group recognition because of its religious identification.

The Solid Rock Christian Club says that it was informed by an official at the college that “due to an internal audit, funding will not be allowed for religious organizations.” According to reports, a change had been made to the student handbook, which outlined that clubs could not be affiliated with commercial enterprises or religious institutions.

In the lawsuit filed this week in federal court, the Solid Rock Christian Club states that in denying the student group recognition and funding, the school has also deprived the club of the right to reserve facilities without charge and to advertise events on campus. It also alleges constitutional infringements for favoring some groups over others.

However, Scott Wyatt, the president of Snow College, told reporters that the school policy had already been repealed before the lawsuit was filed, and that word must not have traveled to the students.

“The Solid Rock ministry is a very important organization for us,” Wyatt outlined. “They serve a number of students and we value them highly and want to continue to be a support in every way we can of their mission and their goals. I think this lawsuit is largely a misunderstanding and am confident we will work it out in a good manner and everyone will be satisfied. I am just very confident in working through all this.”

The Solid Rock Christian Club has been a recognized student organization for eight years.

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