Christians Hold to Hope in War-Torn Syria

Open Doors USA is reporting that many Christians in Syria are being adversely affected by ongoing war, but are staying strong spiritually by holding tightly to their faith in Christ.

“Bombings, missiles, shelling, attacks are happening all over the country and are increasing in Aleppo and Damascus,” those on the ground explain. “But, God’s favor is over His church. Pain and suffering are seen daily, but the church is keeping its hope in Jesus.”

The ministry states that recently there was a bomb attack on Bab Toma in the Biblical city of Damascus.

“Thirteen people died and over seventy got injured,” it outlined. “One person from the Presbyterian church died. [A woman] from the Nazarene church got injured. She shared how God lifted her up by a miracle and placed her back on the ground. She had just passed the car with the bomb three seconds earlier.”

Another Christian shared a story of God’s protection in the midst of danger.

“My bedroom was destroyed by a grenade which fell nearby. My bed was split in half. Because I was that night taking care of my mother-in-law, who is very ill, I did not die in my bed.”

School children are also being affected.

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“All the windows broke, but I wasn’t hit by the glass,” said one little girl. “While all the students were running around crying, I and a friend of mine were not afraid. We felt how the peace of Jesus fell on our lives.”

The Christians state, however, that prices are spiking in the country, making it difficult to buy common household items. Some have also gone without water for some time.

Yet, they advise that no matter what happens, they will “focus their eyes and hope on Christ and on His plans.”

Civil war has been raging in Syria for almost two years with no end in sight.

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