Abortion Workers Chant ‘Obama!’ at Pro-Lifers as Mothers Arrive for ‘Late-Term Abortion Day’

An evangelist who reaches out to abortion-minded mothers in Florida states that abortion workers were emboldened for their cause this morning following the reelection of Barack Obama.

John Barros says that he has been ministering to mothers outside of Orlando Women’s Center for nine years. During that time, he has witnessed many women come and go, some aborting their babies, and some changing their mind and going home. He has also come to know the staff at the facility, who are aware that he stands outside the building for at least 9-10 hours every Monday through Friday to turn women away from abortion.

This morning, however, Barros states that when staff arrived and saw him ready to reach out to mothers, they had a special message for him and the two women that accompanied him, Allura Lightfoot and Esparanza Travassos.

“They’re all looking at us, yelling, ‘Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama!,'” Barros said. “[T]hey know that I would not want Obama to win, so they were coming in a little bit mocking of me.”

“The people that were coming, they seemed a lot more emboldened because of the election,” he added. “It’s like the enemy is stronger today.”

This afternoon, one of the abortion staff members approached Barros and handed him a sign that read, “Stop disrespecting my president.”

“Its been a very cold day,” he said, referring to the atmosphere in both a literal and figurative sense.

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Orlando Women’s Center is owned by notorious abortionist James Pendergraft, who has had his license suspended four times for illegal activity. His most recent suspension was for allowing a staff member to administer drugs without a license and for proscribing steroids without cause to an employee that was known to have a drug addiction. In 2007, Pendergraft’s license was suspended for performing illegal late-term abortions. During a civil trial last year regarding a botched abortion, Pendergraft associate Randall Whitney testified that it is common for babies to be born alive at Orlando Women’s Center and then left “wiggling around in the toilet” until they die.

Barros said that he is concerned about what lies ahead over the next four years.

“[I am especially concerned with] the things that the Obama administration has done,” he said. “Eric Holder declared sidewalk counselors domestic terrorists. We don’t consider ourselves protesters down here. We consider ourselves evangelists.”

Barros explained that he witnesses approximately 100 women a week entering Orlando Women’s Center to kill their children. Through his diligence, and that of other sidewalk counselors, he sees on average 20 to 30 women a month turn away or affirm that they are going to let their son or daughter live.

“When you’re talking about a month, there’s [still] 400 who didn’t,” he noted.

Barros said that his ultimate goal is to minister to the women and allow the power of the message to work in the hearts of the hearers.

“We’re here to share the Gospel with these girls. That’s the only thing that works,” he stated. “I can tell them, ‘Be not deceived; God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, he shall reap,’ and then show them the beauty of Jesus Christ.”

“It’s like Stephen King world,” Barros said, who will continue reaching out to abortion-minded mothers as long as it takes — no matter who is in office. “It’s unbelievable.”

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  • The only reason why unborn children are targeted is because they are killed in secret. People will justify murder if they do not have to see it.

  • Annette Hall

    There aren’t enough word for me to say my disgust for ‘him’ and them! Have they no morals

  • ccalreds

    I pray that you will have the courage to continue. You are being a light in the dark.

  • Levita Camat

    Nice issue pastor. Abortion may be a personal choice, but have we thought of its consequences of having done that? We have a just God and knows better than our (men) evil thoughts.