Obama Second Term Sparks Clarion Calls for Secession and Mass Resistance

Following the reelection of Barack Obama, Americans representing states in over half of the country have filed petitions demanding secession from the union, and are calling for state government officials to resist the unjust laws enacted by the federal government.

National Petitions

Upon his entry into the White House, the Obama administration set up an online petition system in which citizens could implore the government to take a certain action. The petition needs to reach at least 25,000 signatures to be considered, and it must do so within 30 days.

While various groups and concerned citizens have used the system to submit a variety of requests, none have regarded secession thus far, and it is likely that none have gained as much momentum.

The first secession petition was filed the day after the election by a Louisiana resident, then by a Texas citizen. As word began to spread about the  petitions, others began filing as well, until at press time, citizens from 30 states had submitted petitions — growing substantially over the past two days. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Oklahoma and California all joined the list of petitions on Monday.

So far, the Texas petition has the most signatures, numbering well over 50,000. Residents of any state can sign the petitions, and most signatures seem to be from all over the country.

The text of the petition states:

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“The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it’s citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.”

Reports state that the Obama administration can decline to respond to a request; therefore, it remains to be seen whether any type of response or recognition will be given to the secession petitions.

Nonetheless, many consider the petitions to be a bold statement to the government that it is not pleased with how Barack Obama is running the nation.

The Call to Governors to Implement the Lesser-Magistrate Doctrine

As previously reported, Michael Marcavage of the evangelistic ministry Repent America issued a statement last week, which in addition to rebuking the nation’s religious leaders for promoting a “Godless government gospel,” urged local government officials to implement what is known as the Lesser-Magistrate Doctrine.

“It is time for serious discussion on how those in civil government should respond to the unrighteous decrees of the federal government,” he stated. “Civil rulers are directly accountable to God’s authority and are to be ‘ministers of God’ for good, not evil. Therefore, governors, mayors, legislators and even law enforcement must work to oppose any law that impugns or violates the very commands of God. Those in authority must not permit lawlessness within their borders, from the shedding of innocent blood to the flagrant flaunting of immorality and perversion in our land. May God raise up some to come together to take such a stand.”

“The magistrates themselves know nothing of this doctrine today because the pulpits have long been silent regarding it,” said Pastor Matt Trewhella of Mercy Seat Christian Church near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “If ever this nation needs to understand the Lesser-Magistrate Doctrine, it is now.”

“When an unjust edict is made by a higher authority, the lesser magistrate must choose to either join the higher magistrate in his rebellion against God, or stand with God in opposition to the unjust edict,” he continued. “For example, if Congress or the president makes an unjust or immoral edict, a state legislature or the governor could stand in defiance of their unjust edict and refuse to obey or implement it. … Or for that matter, a city council or mayor could act in defiance or opposition of an unjust edict by a higher authority.”

A group out of Missouri seems to be the first to urge its leadership to implement the doctrine.

Missouri Tenth, whose website subtitle is “A Citizen’s Guide to God and Government,” has prepared a letter for citizens to submit to their state leaders, asking them to consider both secession and the Lesser-Magistrate Doctrine.

“The national election on 6 November proved beyond doubt that the U.S. is fractured beyond repair both politically and culturally. Moreover, the continuation of a socialist regime in Washington, D.C. imperils an already shaky economy and our constitutional liberties,” it reads. “Secession was the original American political doctrine, and the Declaration of Independence bears that out. Once again, it is time we use this honorable and legitimate weapon to protect ourselves from those un-American ideas and actions that now threaten our freedom and prosperity as Missouri.”

“I urge you to use your influence and position as the ‘lesser magistrate’ to serve the interests of the people of our great and sovereign state,” it concludes.

Individual Institutions Refusing Compliance With Obamacare’s Abortion Pill Mandate

In addition to those at the state level being entreated to resist tyranny, prior to the election, others had determined individually to rebel against government mandates that they believed were unlawful and unBiblical. In July, two Christian colleges outlined that they would not give in to the abortion pill mandate in Obamacare, no matter what the federal government or courts declared.

“I guess President Obama will have to come down to Louisiana College with whatever means they want to stop us,” said President Joe Aguilard of the Pineville institution. “We are going to have, as we say in French, a tete-a-tete.”

Geneva College President Ken Smith near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania made similar remarks. The publication Human Events explained Smith’s resolve this way: “As the colonists, in what King George called ‘the Presbyterian Revolt,’ responded to their earthly king with chants of ‘No king but King Jesus,’ so too the president of this Presbyterian college, Ken Smith of Geneva, has said, ‘At Geneva College, we have only one Lord, and he does not live in Washington, D.C..’”

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  • Cassandra Wilson

    I am for a peaceful succession from the Federal Government, who is not truly looking out for the US citizens best interest. The Generation Y has no idea pandora’s Box that they have opened. I wish someone would write a petition to do away with the electoral voting system, it has grown obsolete with the technology of today. Some one is benefiting from the broken system or change would have happen by now. Big Business nor our Government is bad, but the people in charge appear to be corrupt to allow this to continue. Obama states half truths and sets us up for a bigger fall each time he appears to be doing good…He is behind the scenes destroying the values and rights we have built this country on. He is evil and must be stopped. God help us all. (Looks can be very deceiving, just ask any victim who trusted their attacker.)

  • Matthew J. Mariani

    My problem with the Obama Administration has been their lawlessness. This is presently coming to a head as i write this message.
    The press will continue to protect Obama because they and they left have so much invested in him regardless of the fact that he seems ineffective as a leader and incompetent in regards to fixing our sluggish economy.

    Not approaving of Obama does not all come down to race, i have never seen it that way, those that do are the true racists. To be clear those that support the president because of his race, thoes that cry racism when others speak out against his policies, they are the racist.
    I say this because it is true that people who see him a Black man and not simply as our President who needs to be as accountable as any who preceeded, they are the racists in my opinion.

    Obama is clearly in over his head, i thought he would do much better. But he misrepresented in 2007 and 2008 who he was, sadly one man seems more important than millions of people who are suffering in this economy and it will get worse.

  • David P. Bell

    First of all, I am a third generation VETERAN. I DO respect the OFFICE, not who is there now. I wanted Colin Powell to run for President, and “STORMIN NORMAN” as Vice President, (although Gen. “S” does not like to be called that). Then I wanted Herman Cain to be President. SO, don’t even call me a RACIST, (I am a white Methodist).
    But when the President and First Lady, disrespect the flag, and what it stands for, I get upset. Saw piece that showed the First Lady, making the statement, “all this for a **** flag”? And giving the “crotch salute” when the flag is presented, even V P Biden held his hand over his heart. When George Soros, wants to put BIG $$$$ into the Presidents campain, and say that it was just a small donation? As well as buying up gun manufacturing business, then wanting to buy up the ammo manufacturing business, all for GUN CONTROL. AND having a large company not to give out “pink slips” till after the election. As well as bowing to a King of another land.
    And sending $$$$ to South America, so that they can produce oil/gas, and not letting North America drill. You have the “thought” that everything is OK??? Something smell foul, don’t you think????

  • michael smith

    this morning of November 13 2012 at 7:00 there were over 11,000 signatures for the succession of the state of Missouri. as of this moment i do not know if there have been any more signatures since then, but, i am hopeful that a peaceful succession is in our future.

  • Glenn Houck

    Yak yak yak! The past is behind us. What’s done is done. The question is where do we go from here? What are we going to do moving forward? Those of us who are true Americans know the future of the USA is grim! Without God and the Constitution ( as it was set out by our forefathers) as our direction, we haven’t much hope. Succession petitions can send a strong message that real Amercan’s are fed up. If a lot of us send this message, Washington will know they have a fight on their hands if they push too far. I am not saying their smart enough to heed the warning, just saying lets do it. Tell all your family and friends.