Former Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain: ‘Leave Abortion Alone’

Former Republican presidential candidate and current United States Senator John McCain told reporters this morning that politicians should stop pushing the issue of abortion.

McCain explained to Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday that he believes that there are more pressing matters in the nation.

“I can state my position on abortion, but other than that, leave the issue alone,” he said, “when we are in the kind of economic situation, and frankly, national security situation we’re in.”

When asked whether he would allow abortion to continue in America, after a slight laugh, McCain replied that he would.

“I would allow those opinions and respect those opinions,” he said. “I’m proud of my pro-life position and record, and if someone disagrees with me, I respect your views.”

McCain had also outlined during the interview that he believes Republicans need to be more positive in projecting their stance on national matters, instead of stating what they are against.

“I think we have to have a bigger tent,” he said. “It can’t be just being against the Democrats, and against Harry Reid and against Obama. You’ve got to be for things. And we have to give them something like the [1994] Contract with America that we gave them some years ago.”

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“And as far as young women are concerned, absolutely,” he said, referring to abortion.

McCain ran for president in 2008 against Barack Obama, but lost in the electoral college 365 to 173. Despite his claims, many did not believe that McCain’s record proved him to be pro-life.

“John McCain openly embraces embryonic stem cell research. In 2000, he boldly said he did not favor the overturn of Roe v. Wade. John McCain was a member of the infamous ‘Gang of 14’ senators from both parties whose purpose was to oppose pro-life, strict constructionist judges,” wrote Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin during the 2008 presidential election. “Still today, John McCain believes that babies who are conceived via rape or incest should be murdered. I remind readers, however, that there are no ‘exceptions’ in the womb, only babies.”


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  • Laurie

    This reveals a fundamental misunderstanding about sin. Grevious sin not only effects the individual and immediate family, its ramifications ripple out and infect the entire community, the entire country. Anti-life philosphy creeps into the culture to a point where we do not respect anyone’s life, unless they are usefull to us and do not inconvenience us.

    When asked if he would allow abortion to continue he said, “I would allow those opinions and respect those opinions. I’m proud of my pro-life position and record, and if someone disagrees with me, I respect your views.”
    His comments are the same as saying, “I am against murder because I am pro-life, but if someone has the opposite opinion, I respect their views and allow them to murder. Quite bewildering actually. It shows a lack of real recognition of what we are really doing when we abort.

  • MStash

    Let’s be realistic about this. We have the most Blessed Country in the World – our Freedoms, Natural Resources etc. Does anyone really believe that our economic or natural security issues will improve when we continue to KILL our preborn children, our future citizens, the children of God. Let’s remember what Mother Teresa said
    “It is a great poverty that we kill our children so that we may do as we wish”. Anyone who believes this country will avoid the cliff is mistaken, unless we protect the lives of the preborn, our children, our young people, our working men and women and our elderly. If we do this – Protect these- we will be a wealthy country again in many ways.

  • Gabriel

    The extermination of human beings is not an issue that should be ignored or respected. Hitler’s Third Reich brought job creation and economic prosperity to his country, but he supported the abortion and extermination of unwanted human beings. A country that allows the extermination of unwanted children does not deserve God’s blessings. Spineless politicians who compromise with the forces who fund, promote and spread abortion, are not worth supporting.

  • bon

    So sad that life is such a burden for so many in our Congress. Where is the leadership today, where is God in their lives. Without life we do not have liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    I always knew McCain was middle of the road, but for him to come out and make this statement is very discerning.

  • rosa rotondi

    The Republican platform has to be pro-life all the way, no exceptions. That’s why the Party exists. If not, what are the conservatives supposed to do? Sorry John McCain is wrong. We are not going to listen to him.

  • Dorrie

    We do not need two Democrat parties.

  • Philip Mustacchio

    We have bigger issues because of abortion. It’s bringing all kinds of disaster upon us…