CNN Talk Show Host Piers Morgan on Homosexuality: ‘It’s Time for an Amendment to the Bible’

Piers MorganNew York, New York — During an interview Monday night with Rick Warren, megachurch pastor of Saddleback Church in California and author of the best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life, CNN talk show host Piers Morgan asserted that the Bible is flawed and needs to be amended.

Morgan, whose broadcast Piers Morgan Tonight replaced Larry King Live last year upon King’s retirement, segued into the comment as Warren discussed why the Bible is unlike other any other book.

“Why does it say ‘holy’ on the Bible?” Warren said. “Any other book, if it was writing about these other great people in the past, they tend to gloss over their sins.”

“But, we discussed this last time,” Morgan injected. “The Bible says if you commit adultery, you’re going to be stoned to death.”

“That’s a civil law for the nation of Israel,” Warren replied. “But, it’s still an element of the Bible that is flawed,” Morgan contended.

“Well, evidently, for that generation, that’s their Commandment,” Warren said. “Exactly my point,” Morgan said.

“But, it’s not one of the moral laws,” Warren stated, inferring that the judicial penalties for violations of the law are separate from the law itself.

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Morgan then continued to assert his belief that the Bible needs to be changed.

“No, but it’s still in the Bible and it’s flawed,” the British-born host remarked. “I do not believe the Bible is flawed,” Warren answered.

“Both the Bible and the Constitution were well-intentioned, but they are basically, inherently flawed. Hence, the need to amend it,” Morgan declared. “My point to you about gay rights, for example — It’s time for an amendment to the Bible.”

“Uh, no,” Warren replied.

“You should compile a new Bible!” Morgan suggested. “Not a chance,” Warren answered, laughing, at which Morgan also began to laugh.

Warren then began to explain that the only thing that is flawed is mankind and its opinions.

“What I believe is flawed is human opinion because it constantly changes,” he outlined. “In fact, we do it every eight years in America.  … What is ‘hot’ is now not.”

“I willingly admit that I base my worldview on the Bible, which I believe is true,” Warren continued. “And my definition of truth is, if it’s new, it’s not true. If it was true a thousand years ago, it will be true a thousand years from today. Opinion changes, but truth doesn’t.”

Morgan then told Warren that the two would have to agree to disagree on the matter.

Warren has been making his rounds on the various major talk shows this past month in celebration of the 10th year since the release of The Purpose-Driven Life. As previously reported, there has been confusion and controversy over what Warren meant by some of his statements during the interviews, such as when he told Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffington Post that homosexual feelings are not a sin, but that it “might be” a sin for those of the same gender to have sexual relations.

Warren went on to state that he believes sex outside of marriage is always wrong because the Bible is his final authority, but that he knows that people use other authorities to reach their conclusions, and agreed that some have different interpretations of the Bible.

Calls to Warren’s office requesting clarification were not returned.

Christian News Network also recently reported on the new “Queen James Bible,” which seeks to “prevent homophobic misinterpretation.” While its publishers have not identified themselves, their website outlines that it has changed eight verses in the Bible to eliminate references to homosexual behavior as being sinful, so that the Scriptures now insinuate that homosexuality began as a pagan practice, and is only prohibited when the sexual acts are done in the name of paganism, prostitution or rape.

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