Pakistani Mob Burns Man to Death for Destroying Koran

PakistanKarachi, Pakistan — A mob stormed a police station in Pakistan and burned a man to death for destroying a copy of the Koran, reports state.

The incident happened on Saturday, after a man, who is only being identified as a traveler, spent the night at a local mosque.

When the remains of a charred Koran were found inside of the mosque, the man was beaten and then handed over to authorities to be charged with blasphemy.

However, hours later, a mob of approximately 200 people stormed the police station where the man was being held, dragged him outside and burned him to death.

Police have now arrested 30 people for their participation in the murder, and approximately seven police officers were detained for their negligence in allowing the incident to occur. District Police Chief Usman Ghani told reporters that the man’s murder had been recorded on the cell phones of various individuals, and that the footage is being reviewed to identify those involved in his death.

A similar incident happened in July of this year when a man was also killed for burning a copy of the Koran. Reuters reports that such occurrences are becoming more commonplace.

“People have been arrested for just discussing or writing about Islam, making mistakes in homework or not joining protests against a film insulting Islam,” the news organization outlined. “In some cases, the accusers have had financial disputes with those who are accused.”

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It also explained that a Christian teenager was recently wrongfully charged in a blasphemy case, as Rimsha Masih was accused of placing burned pages of a book that quoted from the Koran in the garbage. The case was later dismissed after a neighbor admitted that she had been framed.

“In the past two years, two senior Pakistani officials who suggested reforming the laws have been shot dead, one by his own bodyguard,” Reuters continued. “Lawyers threw rose petals at the killer and the judge who convicted him was forced to flee the country.”

Last year, the governor of Punjab Province, Salman Taseer, and Religious Minorities Minister, Shahbaz Bhatti were both assassinated for speaking out against the nation’s current blasphemy law.

In Pakistan, blasphemy is punishable by death, and at least fifty people have faced capital punishment for violating the law since 1990. The country, located in South Asia, is officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is the sixth most populated nation in the world.

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