Woman Pastor Leaves Note for Applebees Server: ‘I Give God 10%, Why Do You Get 18?’

St. Louis, Missouri — Reports are circulating about a woman pastor that recently left a note for her waiter, which read, “I give God 10%, why do you get 18?”

The incident occurred at an Applebees restaurant near St. Louis, Missouri, where Alois Bell of  Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries Church, a small church of 15 members, had brought approximately 20 others with her to enjoy a meal. She asked that each be charged separately. However, when she saw that the waiter automatically applied an 18% gratuity to the bill, she was not happy. Bell scratched out the gratuity section and wrote a note on the receipt expressing disapproval. She also put a large “zero” next to “tip.”

Following the incident, the server showed the note to a co-worker named Chelsea Welch, who snapped a photograph. She later uploaded the photo to the social networking site Reddit.

“I originally posted the note as a lighthearted joke,” Welch said. “I thought the note was insulting, but it was also comical. I posted it to Reddit because I thought other users would find it entertaining.”

However, the woman pastor did not find it to be entertaining when she discovered that her note was uploaded to the web for the world to see. She called management to complain.

In turn, Applebees’ management was not amused either. They fired Welch from her job over the incident. It released a statement as word spread about the firing.

“Our guests’ personal information – including their meal check – is private, and neither Applebee’s nor its franchisees have a right to share this information publicly. We value our guests’ trust above all else,” the company stated. “Our franchisee has apologized to the guest and has taken disciplinary action with the team member for violating their guest’s right to privacy. This individual is no longer employed by the franchisee.”

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However, Bell states that she regrets the entire situation.

“My heart is really broken,” she said. “I’ve brought embarrassment to my church and ministry.”

On the other hand, Bell stated that most news reports are only revealing partial facts.

“What [the photo] didn’t show is the money that I left and that we all left on the table,” she explained.

Bell said that a number of people have been upset with her about the matter as a result.

“I’ve actually been harassed because of this and it doesn’t tell the whole story,” who asserts that she routinely conducts outreach for the local community. “[I] would never want to tarnish the light of Christianity.”

Welch says that she hopes to find a better-paying job next time around as depending on tips to pay her way through college can be difficult. However, a Facebook page has been created on her behalf as well in an effort to help Welch get her job back.

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  • Richard French

    A gratuity should be based on quality of service, not service in itself. I rank servers on attitude #1, appearance #2, and thirdly attention to drinks after the meal has been served. Not just because it was their job to wait on me. The worst server will get a penny. Median service gets 15%, and good service gets a dollar for every five of the bill. I consider my method pretty fair.

    • Lauren

      That makes no sense. Are you aware of the fact that us severs make $2.13 an hour? Are you also aware of the fact that we get taxes for credit card usage and also we usually have to tip out to bartenders, bussers and hosts? Pretty sure you weren’t aware nor do you care. We make our money based off of tips, and an 18% SUGGESTED gratuity is the restaurants way of trying to somewhat protect us. 9 times out of 10 you can adjust the grat which ever way you see fit. But leaving nothing takes money from our pockets; we end up paying for YOUR meal technically speaking.

      I am a Christian and I do tithe and I do not think I’m above God. But when I have to wait on a table of 8 or more, which is probably taking up two or more of my tables and another servers table, who will probably sit there a lot longer than a regular table would, who would also require a lot more work than a regular table would; I’d like to have peace of mind in knowing I’m at least getting something off of this table.

      In a sense, the Pastor is trying to use the Bible selectively to her own benefit. Unless she’s Pastoring over a female congregation only, she’s not really following the Bible properly. Two, in response to her “I give God 10% why do you get 18%,” comment, I’m going to say the same thing I told my dad, “give God more then.” If you cannot afford to eat out and leave a decent tip, either get something cheaper or please don’t bother eating out to begin with.

      We work hard for what tips we get, whether you see as understand that or not, we work hard. We have bills to pay and most of us are using this job to pay our way through school.

      As for the server, the one who showed Chelsea the check shouldn’t exactly be fired or really punished. As for the one who posted the picture to Reddit, as a “light hearted joke” she should have been. I know it’s technically illegal and against our company policy for any employees to do such a thing, even if it was in good light; we get in deep trouble for that. Chelsea posted it to Reddit, a site known for its unbelieving followers and viewers; she did this as a way to mock Christianity I’m sure. The fact that she got caught lead her to claim its lightheartedness, but Lord knows that was not her intention. Either way, The Lord will right the wrongs that have been done in this situation, from all aspects of the party. The Lord looks at the heart, so if you’re tipping based off the fact that you feel the server didn’t “humble themselves” enough before you, Mr. Richard French; then The Lord will humble you for that as well.

      Either way, may God bless you and also help you to see the needs of others before your own.

  • Mai

    I don’t mean to sound rude,but your plan doesn’t add up to me. Median service gets a better tip than good? Isn’t median basically the same as ‘good’? Then if you meant great,not good,you’re paying less for better service. Please claify???

  • Scott

    I agree with the pastor in this matter. Ten percent is given for GOD, no one is higher than our Savior, creator. At the same time the waitress had no right acting the way she did. With that being said, Applebee’s instead of putting the young lady out of a job, they could have, instead, made to give a public apology face-to-face with the pastor. God teaches us to live a life of humility and humbleness. She, the waitress, needed to be humbled in Gods’ eyes and ask for forgiveness from not only the pastor but, GOD as well.