‘Disgusting’ Geico Insurance Commercial Promotes Bestiality

A new commercial by the popular insurance company Geico has disgusted viewers who believe that it promotes bestiality — sexual relations with animals.

The thirty-second advertisement, called Maxwell the Pig Goes on a Date, features a woman alone in a car with a talking puppet pig. The two are experiencing automobile troubles, and the pig uses his phone to contact help.

“Did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us?” the woman asks the pig.

“Uh, no. I just used my Geico app to get a tow truck,” it replies. “He’s going to be here in 30 minutes.”

“Oh, so that means we won’t be stuck up here for hours with nothing to do,” she states in a sultry, suggestive voice.

The pig then looks at the woman, trying to decipher what she means.

“Oh, I get it,” it says. “You wanna pass the time, huh?”

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The woman then eyes the pig and laughs nervously, thinking that it has understood her suggestion.

However, woman becomes annoyed when the pig then exclaims, “Fruit ninja!” as it goes to play games on its phone. The commercial ends with her look of disappointment and frustration.

Since the release of the advertisement, some viewers have written to Geico to express their outrage at the production.

“What pervert thought up the disgusting bestiality commercial about the pig and the girl in the car?” a woman named Kelly asked on the Geico Facebook wall.

“Please stop with the bestiality commercials,” wrote another viewer named Emily. “They are gross and pretty hateful towards women.”

“The pig parked in a car with a woman who hints at romance is disgusting,” stated a third named Emily. “I change the channel every time it comes on.”

The company has not yet responded to the comments online as of press time.

Geico Insurance, founded in 1936 by Leo and Lillian Goodwin, has become known for its commercials featuring its gecko mascot, which speaks in a distinctive British accent. However, the company has also used other characters in its advertisements, including Maxwell the pig, in a variety of attempts to use humor to remind customers that “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.”

As of 2007, the latest year on record, Geico provided coverage for more than 13 million automobiles nationwide.

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  • John T

    I think they absolutely knew the line they were potentially crossing. They broached such material first with the Gecko, as best man at a wedding, getting some flirtatious attention from a bridesmaid. The way they steered clear in that one was with the gecko feeling uncomfortable — clearly not wanting the attention.

    The pig (Maxwell) in discussion is rendered “safe” by having him appear absolutely clueless in regards to romance in spite of the circumstances of him having driven his female date to a secluded romantic spot. Does it work? Not really.

    • Shawn Greene

      Wow, some of you people need to step back, go outside, inhale, and go get a life. Its a freakin’ commercial ! And as with most commercials not to be taken too seriously.

  • Robert Wood

    With all the children who are murdered each day by doctors why is it that we are sitting here worrying about a commercial about a pig? Why don’t we get our priorities on track!! I’m surprised that no one mentioned the fact that the pig is not only an animal but an unclean beast! If you are bothered by the commercial then turn off the TV and pick up the Bible and read.

  • Mike

    Actually, if you read the whole Bible you’d know that a pig is not an unclean animal. Indeed, knowing that is a big part of understanding the Gospel.

    • Richard French

      “Actually” Mike, the swine is an unclean animal, any animal that has the split hoof, and chews the cud is cleared as a clean animal. And the swine does not chew the cud so therefore it is unclean. If Christ thought this animal was good for food, would he have allowed demons to drive a herd of them over a cliff? Just saying…

      • Mike

        It’s not what goes into a man that makes him unclean it what come out of a man. The New Testament makes it clear that Christ fulfilled the Ceremonial and Civic Law. But I admit that at least on the internet some Christians want to assert that the all Old Testament Law is still in effect.

  • Richard French

    To me this commercial speaks to the denigrating way that American men are portrayed in television today, as piggish, stupid, boring, oafish, and not to be taken seriously. The head of the family in the biblical definition should be a position of honor, but this is what they (the liberal media) wants the younger generation to think about their dad’s, and in the case of males themselves. More mind numbing garbage from a television set. Go figure… Why I don’t have cable tv in my home.

  • D

    And how dare they promote on their commercial that pigs can actually drive a car? AND use a smartphone. This goes against everything… George Orwell was right, animals are trying to take over the world. After seeing this commercial I went out and bought a pig just for the purpose of it being my personal chauffeur. And lo and behold, it cannot drive a car. This commercial lied. Guess there is only one thing left to do with the pig…

  • rad68camaro

    What I find more disgusting is their recent commercial showing adults at a zoo hooting and making fun of defenseless camels. And they wonder why kids see this garbage, then taunt tigers at a zoo by throwing sticks and stones at them until the enraged tiger leaps over the enclosure to tear at them?!!! Instead of showing kindness and respect to other living beings, Geico is harassing the defenseless who cannot speak up.