Pregnant Woman Who Left Abortion Facility Returns Next Day to Help Save Lives

Orlando, Florida — A young Florida woman who came to Christ and turned down her unborn child’s appointment with death on Thursday returned to the abortion facility the next day to plead with other abortion-minded women to save the lives of their babies.

As previously reported, a couple named Chet and Amanda recently returned to Orlando Women’s Center in Florida with their newborn baby Chase to thank sidewalk counselor John Barros for helping to save their baby. Both had been struggling with a drug addiction, and Chet had been incarcerated for a time while Amanda was pregnant.

Thinking that she would spare the baby of a difficult life, Amanda came to Orlando Women’s Center to seek an abortion. However, both Barros’ preaching and the hand of God changed her course of action.

“She said that all of a sudden, it was dark, but then it became a real darkness, and she started thinking, ‘I’ve got to get out of here,’” Barros recalled. “And a light went on in her heart, and she came out and she left.”

After giving birth weeks later and bringing the baby back to the abortion facility to show Barros, Amanda and Chet both gave their lives to the Lord. They now join Barros every day to share the Gospel with mothers outside of Orlando Women’s Center.

Liz on Thursday after arriving at the abortion facility.

This week, while speaking to the women that were arriving for an abortion, Barros met another distraught young mother named Liz. After talking to Liz for some time and offering her help, Liz agreed to go to a local pregnancy center called First Life for free assistance. While there, Liz found out that she was 20 weeks pregnant, and was expecting a girl. Like Chet and Amanda, she chose life — and likewise received the truth of the Gospel.

“What a blessing,” Barros wrote online, posting before and after pictures of Liz. “Liz had no hope and is now being loved by so many ladies. … God is drawing her so close today.”

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The following day, much to Barros’ surprise, Liz returned to Orlando Women’s Center to stop the other women from doing what she was going to do the day before. Barros stood back in amazement as he watched Chet, Amanda and Liz all join together and plead with the mothers to choose life.

“I know you’re scared. You don’t want to be sick,” Amanda said. “[But] don’t let them change your mind.”

“You are our sister,” Chet chimed in. “Please come back out here and be with us. I love you and your baby.”

Liz (left) after Christians took her to the local pregnancy care center for free assistance.

At this point, Liz began to lift up her voice.

“I was here yesterday,” she said. “I know what you’re feeling.”

Minutes later, Liz moved to the center of the sidewalk and continued to plead, pouring out her heart.

“I was here yesterday,” she repeated. “I was so scared. I had nowhere to go. I was sleeping on the street. [But], they’re already helping me. … I have a place to go.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with this baby and I am still so very scared, and I could be in there at the drop of a hat, but I know God has a plan for me, and these people are going to help me,” Liz declared. “I know you are scared. I know you are. We love you. People love you. God loves you. He has a plan for that baby, and that plan is not to go into a garbage can.”

She then began to explain the reality of abortion to women.

“That baby can feel everything,” Liz proclaimed. “It is going to try to get away from that suction. It is scared. … It is so scared.”

Chet, who came to Christ last month, then admonished the women that it is their God-given duty to nurture and protect their children.

“That’s why you carry the baby,” he said, “because God wants him in you — the safest place in the world for you to carry him for nine months and for you to keep him safe … to keep [anyone] from hurting him or killing him — and then you bring him here. You can’t let these people do it to him!”

As they continued to call out to the mothers, Liz concluded by sharing her heart about giving the baby a chance at life.

“If you don’t think you can take care of this baby, there is someone out there that would love to bless and love that baby as their own,” she cried out. “[Do] you know how many people who are out there who cannot have children who pray every single day that they could have a child — [who] every single day wish that they could be in your situation, but can’t?”

Barros later posted the video online, writing, “It is so cool to [hear someone] say, ‘I know how you feel. I was scared just yesterday.'”

“God is amazing,” he said. “Please continue to pray for these guys. Such a blessing.”

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