Blind in Uganda Can Now Read the Bible

Kampala, Uganda — Thanks to the Bible Society of Uganda, those are blind in the country will now be able to read the Bible in its entirety for the first time.

While portions of Scripture have been available to the people, never before has a complete translation of the Bible been printed in braille. Using the traditional raised print, the blind can now guide their fingers along from Genesis to Revelation and read for themselves the inspired word of God.

“I have always been depending on my sighted friends and that means I listened carefully and interpreted what they read. All this will be no more, because I will feel the reading myself,” resident Esther Kyozira told The Observer.

Because braille print is so large, the Bibles are released in a series of several volumes. The Bible Society of Uganda states that it believes the Bibles may inspire some of its residents to start churches of their own and begin teaching.

“Many of these people are gifted in so many ways; some can sing, play musical instruments, while others can preach the word of God,” said coordinator Emmanuel Turinawe. “So, with the Braille Bible now, it is their opportunity to minister to God.”

According to its website, the Society exists to raise up “a people fully qualified and equipped by the Word of God to do every kind of good deed.” It is a non-governmental organization that has to date translated the Bible into a dozen languages for the benefit of the African people: Luganda, Runyankole-Rukiga, Runyoro-Rutoro, Ng’akarimojong, Alur, Acholi, Kinadi, Ateso, Madi.

In addition to type-written and Braille Scriptures, the Bible Society if Uganda also makes available CD recordings of the Word of God for those who are illiterate.

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