Viral Video Captures NYC College Students Pretending to Kill Babies in ‘Abortion Battles’ Game

Manhattan, New York — A video that went viral on the web this week captures a number of college students in New York City playing a game in which they pretend to kill each other’s unborn baby.

The video shows male students in the Hunter College cafeteria  jousting at each other with plastic forks as each hides an inflated balloon under their t-shirt as if pregnant. The object of the game is to pop the balloon with fork, thus ending the pregnancy.

A female student serves as the “referee” of the game, called “Abortion Battles.”

“Ready, set, battle!” she calls out.

Those watching the men popping the balloon in each other’s stomach laugh and clap.

“Kill that baby!” one student, who appears to be the recording, calls out. “Just do it!”

After one man jabs another’s stomach, thus ending the game, the female student approaches other males in the room to invite them to play. At one point, two sets of male students joust at each other with forks across the cafeteria floor.

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The video, entitled “Chaz’s 20th Birthday Hunter College,” was later uploaded to YouTube and went viral within the week.

“We were introduced to this epic game called ‘Abortion Battles,'” the video description states. “It’s somewhat unorthodox, but really fun.”

The footage was apparently taken down after viewers expressed outrage, but some pro-life individuals have placed it back online in order to expose the incident.

“Totally sick!” one viewer writes.

“I am terrified at the thought of these people having children,” another commented.

However, some students told reporters that while they did not agree with the game, they did not feel that it was as horrific as some believe.

“I think it’s immature, but it’s not like they were doing anything that bad,” one female student remarked to CBS.

“You can play around, but not call it something like [‘Abortion Battles’]” another said.

School officials state that the game was solely a student idea, and was in no way sanctioned by the college.

“It seems to be something spontaneous that took place in the cafeteria,” a Hunter College spokesperson told the NY Post.

The Dean of Students is now investigating the matter.


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