Los Angeles Boy Scouts Branch Wants Practicing Homosexuals Teaching Young Boys

Scouts SignLos Angeles, California — The Los Angeles branch of the Boy Scouts of America is calling for the organization to allow homosexual men to lead and train scouts.

Alan Snyder of the Los Angeles County Council wrote in a news release this week that while the national headquarters of the organization is currently considering allowing boys with same-sex attraction to serve as members, the proposed change to the scouting policy needs to go further.

“The resolution is a step in the right direction, but does not go far enough and must be extended to all adult scout volunteers and staff,” he wrote. “Inclusion must be all-inclusive.”

Snyder said that homosexual men should be allowed to train the boys just like any other leader.

Council President Nick Thomas agreed.

“Volunteers in our council log approximately 840,000 hours of service each year and should be judged on the basis of their character, not their sexual preference,” he said.

The men suggest that the current scouting policy should be amended to read, “No youth or adult shall be denied membership or a position in the Boys Scouts, whether as a leader, volunteer, or staff member, solely on the basis of their sexual orientation or preference.”

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Current scouting policies prohibit homosexual men from serving as leaders over the children.

In the 2000 Supreme Court decision of case of Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, the nation’s highest court outlined that the organization “teach[es] that homosexual conduct is not morally straight,” and that it does “not want to promote homosexual conduct as a legitimate form of behavior.” It then affirmed the Boy Scouts’ right to freedom of association, which means excluding homosexual members as they do not comport with the mission of the organization.

Rob Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of Family Research Council, told reporters that it is dangerous to place men that have sexual attraction toward those of the same gender in charge of juvenile boys.

“As a father, I wouldn’t want my sons to go on a camping trip with a teenage girl and stay in the same tent. Similarly, I think it’s unwise to put boys or young men in a tent with boys or young men who are homosexual,” he outlined.

As previously reported, last October, the Oregon Supreme Court ordered thousands of documents outlining widespread sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America to be released to the public. Wayne Perry, president of the Boy Scouts of America acknowledged that there was concern with the  the organization’s failure to protect young boys from harm.

“There have been instances where people misused their positions in scouting to abuse children, and in certain cases, our response to these incidents and our efforts to protect youth were plainly insufficient, inappropriate, or wrong,” he said. “Where those involved in scouting failed to protect, or worse, inflicted harm on children, we extend our deepest and sincere apologies to victims and their families.”

“These guys basically were in a candy store, the way they thought about it,” attorney Paul Mones told reporters.

The organization has yet to respond to the Los Angeles Council’s request. It is set to vote on permitting homosexual members on May 23rd.

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  • Jack Son: While I’ll note that one study does not a sound scientific conclusion make, I will grant if only for the sake of argument some validity to the claims of Gene Abel (the article misspells his name) of the director of the Behavioral Sciences Institute in Atlanta.

    Assuming this is so, we should ask why? Scientific inquiry does not stop at the seemingly obvious simple answer because it knows that this is far too often not the correct one. For example, it is *obvious* that the sun moves about the earth. You can see it, right? But science proved otherwise. To say that homosexuality is exceptionally pedophilic is too easy.

    So, let us consider that being forced to hide in shame since childhood, when one first felt the glimmerings of an erotic impulse different from the norm, and learning over time that one would be at least ostracized, and quite likely physically beaten by both parents and peers for admitting one’s yearning, would naturally traumatize one’s sexual development, gay or straight. Such trauma is a major factor in encouraging child molestation.

    Admitting openly homosexual men into the Boy Scouts makes good sense. Homosexual men who openly admit their preference are less likely to be pedophiles than those who live in the sexual dark. Sunshine is the best antiseptic. Meanwhile, bisexual male pedophiles often hide in marriage, so selecting against openly gay men seems counter-productive.

    What is needed is education of Boy Scouts that a problem exists and why they should report it.

    I know, because as Boy Scout, I knew that my Scoutmaster, a great guy, practiced inappropriate touching. But when my mother asked me about it per request from the priesthood of the Mormon church I attended, I denied it.

    Why? To protect him. I knew (this was in the late 60s) that being outed was virtually a death sentence for him. He would be excommunicated from the faith he had been taught from childhood to love. He would be shamed and humiliated. I knew how religious witch hunts worked; I’d learned about them in school. They’re a form of mob rule.

    So the prime issue here is not that there may be a higher tendency for homosexual men to prey on boys any more than it that there is a tendency for heterosexual males to prey on girls. The issue here is the same ancient problem: secrecy and shame, and fear triumphing over Xtian ethics.

    All that said, it is also a belief of the psychiatric/sociological community that incest by fathers in the home is seriously under-reported. So much that an erroneous witch hunt, based on the concept of repressed memories, blossomed in the 90s over the belief that many people, mostly women, were repressing memories of childhood sexual abuse, and this was the cause of their life-damaging neuroses, especially drug and food addictions. (It has since been thoroughly debunked. People rarely have “repressed memories”; they merely have the same old evil: dark secrets.)

    A downside of the policy I’ve described will be a distancing between Scoutmasters and Scouts. Just as teachers in many school systems these days are counseled not to hug children lest a child accuse them of ‘bad touch’ and a tax-exhausting lawsuit ensues, so will similar paranoia trouble the relationship between genuinely caring and non-predatory Scoutmasters — gay and straight — and their young wards.

    Finally, the Abel article differs with the conclusions you claim it makes. For example:

    “According to the FBI and several clinical studies published in reputable journals, gay men aren’t more likely to sexually abuse boys, she said.

    “In fact, the largest database of child molesters in the country shows that those who molest boys are over three times more likely to be heterosexual in their adult relationships than homosexual,” she said.”

    This lends credence to opinions stated above that the most likely profile for a predator in the Boy Scouts would be a married man terrified that people learn of his alter erotic ego, and would then seek more compliantly manipulatible persons with whom to have homosexual sex.

    I have a friend whose father fit that description. Such persons do not generally admit their sexual orientation even to anonymous surveys. They naturally would feel at risk.

    Recap: repressing and oppressing a person’s natural sexual orientation distorts that sexuality for the worse. We create a big part of the problem by demonizing homosexuality, something that conservative Xtianity is especially prone to do. Also, it was institutional across the board when I grew up ion the 50s-70s. At the all boy’s technical high school, Lane, in Chicago, swimming nude was mandatory (as in most Chicago schools back then), and any boy caught with an erection was made to stand on the diving board with a rubber watertoy ring around his penis until the erection subsided which, considering how nervousness can prolong an erection as easy as prevent it (a classical losing virginity experience), one can see how we might manufacture true sexual sickness by labeling a normal if uncommon condition a sin or mental illness (as being gay was deemed by the medical community until recent decades) or virtually synonymous with pedophilia.