Northern Iraq No Longer Safe for Christians

Iraq pdAn increase in violence against Christians in northern Iraq has increased the flow of Christians leaving the country.

The north, generally considered a relatively safe area of the country, had become home for many Christians fleeing from the tumultuous central and southern regions.

However, several bombings in the north in recent months have caused panic among the Christian community.

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  • michael falsia

    Thanks to George Bush and now Barak Obama the world has become very dangerous for Christianity in the Middle East! The American government in all of its distorted foreign policy along with the feckless UN have set the stage for this tragic and horrendous circumstance! As international Marxism continues its assault on Christianity while giving a pass to Islam we can expect no real or lasting relief from the tensions that are taking place at the present moment! In my opinion we are entering into an extremely dangerous time in world history and more ominously as the prospect that another foolish and sinister ideologue like Hillary Clinton may well become (God for bid) our next President? It is clear that the Obama will set the stage for Clinton to continue policies that endanger Christians and favor Islamists and other Marxist and Humanists who share a common hatred for Christianity and who wish to suppress violently any public expression of it! It seems in this distorted world of our everyone has Rights but Christians? The very attitudes we witness in places like Iraq and Egypt and Syria and Iran are now operating here in the US! This trend of Christian intolerance has become internationally acceptable! The anti christian policies and agenda of the Obama administration have contributed to this inhumane attitude by its flagrant expressions here in the US. Obama has emboldened Islamists and revived socialists by his actions and speeches clearly giving the impression that the west and its historical Christian presence are at the heart of deplorable world conditions in the world today! And because both Marxism in all of its variations and Islam share a common enemy, that being Christianity or at least that goes beyond a complacent nominalism to a more demanded place of prominence in any given society. Only where Christianity re-defines itself in conformity to a less rigid orthodoxy, i.e. Biblical morality, that does not offend or interfere with the aspirations of the Humanist manifesto will it be wholly acceptable and not subject to the kind of aggressive discrimination we are witnessing! In the case of militant Islam a more harsher form of subjugation is the standard policy so long as Christians remain docile and compliant to the laws of the Quran. In either case Christians have all of their right trampled on with no relief or defense from the prevailing International community so called! This injustice is not going to be rectified or perhaps even modified in the coming years! And we can expect very little aid form our our nation so long as the Obama’s and Clinton’s win the day! In the case of G.W. Bush he should have taken to heart the maxim ” the road to hell is paved with good intentions” before he acted in Iraq?