Woman Interrupts News Report to Confess to Stabbing Mother, Blames ‘Satanic Cult’

Katie-NicholsKNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Police did not have to look long for a suspect wanted in a stabbing case earlier this week when a woman walked directly up to a news camera and confessed to stabbing her mother, claiming that her mother was a powerful leader in a Satanic cult and had to be stopped.

Katie Nichols told WVLT-TV that she stabbed her 61-year-old mother, Lauri Nichols, multiple times early Tuesday morning.

“The satanic cult in this city has been casting satanic spells on me for three, four days. I’m exhausted. I came home and found out my mom was the ringleader and was trying to kill my daughter,” Nichols told the news crew.

“I had to kill her. She was going to kill both of us. She was so powerful, I had no idea, I had no idea that my mother was that powerful,” Nichols said.

“I stabbed her three times and she should have died,” Nichols continued. “She was still breathing. I don’t know what happened to her afterwards or where they took her, but she was the antichrist — she did not die.”

Following the attack on her mother, Nichols fled for several hours with her daughter until she believed it was safe to return to her apartment.

According to WVLT, the victim was taken to the hospital for surgery and was in the intensive care unit as of Tuesday afternoon.

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Nichols believes that her actions were warranted.

“She had symbolic representations of my death, my daughter’s death, every nuclear explosion that was supposed to happen — that’s not going to now. Because all of the satanic cult has been rounded up and killed now,” Nichols stated during the taped confession.

Nichols was reportedly booked into Knox County Jail and charged with attempted first degree murder and kidnapping as a result of the confession.

A neighbor of Nichols’ mother, who asked to not be identified, told WVLT that Nichols is “not emotionally stable and does the best she can, but needs quite a bit of help.”

As previously reported this week, a woman in Pennsylvania, who was charged with murder for killing a man she met on Craigslist, told reporters that she committed over 20 murders as part of a satanic cult.

WVLT-TV’s news report with Nichols can be viewed below:

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