Ray Comfort to Release Biblical ‘NOAH’ Movie on Same Day as Controversial Hollywood Film

Ray Comfort - NoahLOS ANGELES – Christian evangelist Ray Comfort will release a 30-minute film entitled NOAH—And the Last Days on March 28—the same day that Hollywood’s controversial Noah movie will debut in theaters.

As previously reported, Hollywood’s Noah epic, starring Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins, will be released on March 28. Though the movie is based on the Bible’s Great Flood account, reviewers say its storyline does not accurately follow the Scriptural narrative. As a result, many Christian leaders have criticized the movie.

“We have heard from various sources … that [Noah] it is not at all faithful to the biblical account in Genesis,” apologist Ken Ham wrote in a blog post. “The final movie will probably be very unbiblical in some bizarre and shocking ways.”

Evangelist Ray Comfort told Christian News Network that he is also disappointed with the Hollywood Noah film, saying the producers strayed considerably from the biblical account in numerous scenes. According to Comfort, the film depicts Noah as a boat-building psychopath who vowed to murder his grandchildren.

“The movie doesn’t take ‘artistic license.’ The artists did a whole new paint job,” Comfort stated. “No wonder it was listed as ‘fiction.’”

However, Christians disappointed by the Hollywood epic will have another viewing option. On the same day that Noah will be released, Comfort plans to reveal a 30-minute film entitled NOAH—And the Last Days. Comfort told Christian News Network that the movie will convey a very important biblical message.

“The main message in our movie is that God means what He says,” Comfort said. “He once judged the world because of its wickedness, and He warns that He will do it again, but this time it won’t be just a catastrophic worldwide flood.”

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NOAH—And the Last Days will draw biblical correlations between the rampant sinfulness of the world in the time of Noah and the state of today’s culture. The film will also feature on the street interviews about the Great Flood, the existence of God, salvation in Jesus Christ, and God’s judgment of sin.

Noting that “we are surrounded by evidence” of God’s existence, Comfort told Christian News Network that God’s judgment of sin agrees with basic moral instincts.

“The judgment of mass murderers, murderers, and rapists makes sense,” Comfort noted. “But God vows to go deeper with His justice. He will also punish thieves, liars, fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, blasphemers, lust, greed, hatred, etc.”

“However, He is also rich in mercy and has provided a Savior so that we can avoid Hell and be granted everlasting life as a free gift,” Comfort continued. “Jesus is the door to the Ark where we can be saved from the coming flood of God’s just wrath against evil. That’s the simple message of our movie.”

Comfort has produced several highly-publicized movies in recent years, including 180, Genius, and Evolution vs. God. In total, these three projects have generated over six million views.

As with his other movie projects, Comfort said the public reaction to NOAH—And the Last Days has been mixed. Several early reviewers described the film as “wonderful,” “fantastic,” and “very powerful.”

“Those who love God love hearing the truths of Scripture—and they love seeing people’s reaction to the Gospel,” Comfort explained. “But those who hate God and use His name to cuss will hate the movie with a passion. It hasn’t even been released on YouTube yet and I’ve seen two YouTube clips made by atheists mocking the film, and they already have thousands of views. That’s to be expected.”

However, Comfort says the ultimate goal of NOAH—And the Last Days is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“We didn’t produce NOAH to entertain you,” Comfort says at the end of the film. “We produced it in the sincere hope that you’ll obey the Gospel, that you’ll repent of your sins, and trust alone in Jesus Christ—so that we’ll see you in Heaven.”

Photo: Living Waters Ministries

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