Cop Suspended for Refusing to Direct Traffic at Raunchy ‘Gay Pride’ Parade

SALT LAKE CITY – An officer with the Salt Lake City Police Department has been put on paid administrative leave after he reportedly refused an assignment to work during the weekend’s homosexual pride parade.

Police officials have not identified the officer or explained why he refused to work an assignment during Sunday’s parade, but they said it was for personal reasons and the incident has sparked an internal affairs investigation. Officers assigned to the parade generally help direct traffic and provide security, and it is likely the officer in question would have been involved in that capacity.

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  • Max

    I don’t blame the cop one bit. “Gay Pride” is a state-sanctioned display of lewd acts. Check out youtube for those with “Pride” who prance around in underwear sporting enlarged replicas of genitalia and recreating homosexual acts. All while hopelessly misguided fools with their children (God forbid) watch and feel inclusive.

    As a police officer, he should be arresting the parade participants, not aiding them.

    Here’s a blurb on what constitutes “Lewd conduct”…the Gay pride parades fit the description quite well…

    “Lewd conduct is any unlawful act committed by an individual with the purpose of arousing the libido or sexual interest of themselves or the person towards which this action is directed. Lewd conduct criminal offences typically involve pornography, prostitution, or indecent exposure offenses. Lewd behavior, also called lewd and lascivious conduct, is considered a crime by the federal government and all fifty states, though the definition and consequences of lewd conduct can vary by jurisdiction.

    The definition and penalties for lewd conduct crimes depends on the jurisdiction and the specific facts of the case. In general, lewd conduct is a significant criminal offense that can lead to serious legal ramifications. Lewd conduct that involves another adult can be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the acts in question. Lewd conduct may be a charge that accompanies other criminal charges, such as assault, battery, or a sex offense. A person who exposes their genitalia in public (indecent exposure), one who participates in prostitution or pornography, or commits any other unlawful sex-related act may be charged with lewd conduct.

    Lewd conduct that involves minors is considered a felony offense. When an adult engages in behavior involving a child that is intended to arouse the sexual libido of the aggressor or the child, the offender will most likely be charged with a felony crime of lewd conduct. When an individual is convicted of lewd conduct involving a child, they will face incarceration, fines, and other serious penalties.”

  • Webb

    This filth and intolerance has penetrated every nook and cranny of our society and country. America has become morally rotten to its very core, thanks to the Democrats and the supporters and agents of “president” Obama. So-called teachers are raping students in our schools, kindergartners are taught that men having anal sex with other men is good and normal. This country has become a moral sewer.