High Court Strikes Down 35-Foot Free-Speech-Free Zone at Abortion Facilities

Abortion mill fbWASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a 35-foot protest-free zone outside abortion clinics in Massachusetts.

The justices were unanimous in ruling that extending a buffer zone 35 feet from clinic entrances violates the First Amendment rights of protesters.

Chief Justice John Roberts said authorities have less intrusive ways to deal with problems outside the clinics and noted that most of the problems reported by police and the clinics occurred outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Boston, and only on Saturdays when the largest crowds typically gather.

“For a problem shown to arise only once a week in one city at one clinic, creating 35-foot buffer zones at every clinic across the Commonwealth is hardly a narrowly tailored solution,” Roberts said.

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  • Thomas in the sand

    Let’s not forget that protection of our bodily rights will be up for grabs if the small minded, over-simplifying, everybody-must-think-like-me evangelicals gain any ground on this one. Why don’t you people realize that we all have a right to our own bodies, and no one should be able to force us to do their will with our bodies? How can you not understand that you’re seeking a special protection here for a clump of cells with no awareness that even a fully formed and thinking child or adult has access to? Can I force you to give me an organ even if it will save my life? A child cannot even force her parent to give her blood, even if to not do so would kill her. Why didn’t this same bodily right apply to an unborn blastocyst?

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      You say “Why don’t you people realize that we all have a right to our own bodies, and no one should be able to force us to do their will with our bodies?” Does that apply to the body of the baby in the womb too? By now, you should have enough scientific knowledge to know that the little baby boy in the womb is DNA-distinct from his mother and has his own body (not to mention his own distinct and different gender). (“Clump of cells” is so 1970-ish – surely you have progressed in your intelligence enough to know that such a statement is scientifically fraudulent.) Seems you feel that the little ones (that’s what fetus means, BTW) have no right to not have their bodies ripped apart just because they are small, defenseless, and weak. You would have fit in quite well in 1930’s Germany with such thinking. Slave owners also did their best to de-humanize their very human victims. Are you a Democrat? (Party of Slavery, Party of Abortion.)

  • Michael

    Thomas, What does any of your argument have to do with freedom of speech, or does that only apply to non-Christians? I’m sorry you have such a dim view of life and unborn children but it doesn’t change the fact that Christians are just entitled to speak freely as anyone else. Like it or not, men and women have died defending that right.