Audio Bibles Reach U.S. Troops with Truth

fcbh(FCBH/MNN) — There’s a famous quotation, “There are no atheists in foxholes,” often attributed to U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

It means that in times of extreme stress or fear (as in a war), all people will respond to hope. As if to underscore that point, there’s been a spike in requests for Faith Comes By Hearing’s Military BibleStick. FCBH spokesman Bill Lohr says it was the right tool for the right time. “This is a generation that doesn’t read as much; it’s audio-visual. That’s why this impacts them by having the audio available.”

Enter: the Military BibleStick. It’s a digital audio player that is pre-loaded with a dramatized recording of the entire New Testament and over 65 minutes of select Psalms. “They can get the unit to them, that covers all the shipping and everything else that we do. But in addition to that, we’re going to send MP3 discs to their spouses and to their children, so that’s really covering the entire family for that $25,” explains Lohr.

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A special message from the publisher...

Dear Reader, because of your generous support, we have received enough funds to send many audio Bibles to Iraqi and Syrian refugees displaced by ISIS in the Middle East. Many have been distributed and received with gladness. While we provide for the physical needs of the people, we seek to provide the eternal hope only found in Jesus Christ through the word of God. Would you join us by making a donation today to this important work? Please click here to send an audio Bible to a refugee family >>

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