Mike Huckabee: If Republicans ‘Surrender’ on Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’ ‘I’m Gone’

Huckabee Credit Gage SkidmoreDuring an interview with the American Family Association (AFA) this week, former Arkansas governor and talk show host Mike Huckabee expressed his frustration with the Republican Party’s concession on the issue of same-sex “marriage,” and said that if Republicans continue to support homosexuality, he will leave the party and become an Independent.

“I am utterly exasperated with Republicans and the so-called leadership of the Republicans who have abdicated on this issue when, if they continue this direction, they guarantee they’re going to lose every election in the future,” he said on the AFA radio broadcast “A Time to Speak.”

“I don’t understand why they want to lose,” Huckabee continued. “Because a lot of Republicans, particularly in the establishment and those who live on either the left coast or those who live up in the bubbles of New York and Washington, are convinced that if we don’t capitulate on the same-sex marriage issue and if we don’t raise the white flag of surrender, and just the accept it as inevitable, then we’re going be losers.”

“It’s the absolute opposite of that,” he said.

Huckabee then stated that if Republicans continue to give in on the matter, he—and other Christians—will leave the party.

“An if the Republicans want to lose guys like me and a whole bunch of still God-fearing, Bible-believing people, go ahead and just abdicate on this issue, and go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter, either. Because at that point, you lose me, I’m gone,” he declared. “I’ll become an independent. I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this.”

As previously reported, Huckabee had also stated last month during a conference call with Vision America that Christians need to be more active in resisting evil in the land. He noted how federal judges are overturning the will of the people in regard to the institution of marriage, including in his home state of Arkansas.

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“There should have been an outcry from the people of the state—a massive outcry [saying,] ‘You can’t do it,’” Huckabee opined. “I would remind people that the judicial branch is not the supreme branch, and the Supreme Court is only the Supreme Court, not the Supreme Being. And I feel that we have failed in civics to understand that there are three branches of government, and one can’t overrule the other two, and all three of them together can’t overrule the people.”

“Yet, we have people who say, ‘Well, the courts have ruled on abortion, we’ll have to live with it,’ or, ‘The courts have ruled on same-sex marriage, we have to live with it,’” he continued. “I would suggest no, we don’t. We shouldn’t just accept things that are ungodly and that will cause us to have to stand before God with bloody hands. I think that’s where we’ve failed.”

Huckabee, a former Southern Baptist minister, exhorted pastors to preach about the issues facing today’s society, and to encourage their congregations to vote the Bible.

“I would urge pastors to get in the pulpit and call people to biblical truth as it relates to the issue of life and marriage, and even the issue of stewardship, and never be apologetic and say, ‘Vote the Bible in your own heart,” he said.

Photo: Gage Skidmore

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