School Robocalls Parents to Advise That Male Teacher Will Undergo ‘Gender Transition’

Classroom II pdMass emails and robocalls to parents are usually about school closings or conferences, but on Thursday, J.W. Mitchell High School principal Jim Michaels had a different sort of announcement: Robert Konrad, a social studies teacher at the Pasco County, Florida, school, was beginning a gender transition. “Mr. Konrad has begun the process of gender transition and is anticipating presenting as a female no later than August of 2015,” he wrote in an email, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “As you can imagine, this is a very private decision, but Mr. Konrad has indicated that he will respond to appropriate questions you may have about the transition process.”

Konrad declined to be interviewed for this story. “In the interest of my family, I have to pass,” she wrote in an email to Yahoo Parenting.

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  • And … ? What seems to be the problem?

  • OldArkie

    “That she’s made herself available to her students to help walk them through this process shows that she’s a real role model, demonstrating how to live an authentic life and also her commitment to her job.”

    No, this person should not be employed by a school. This is very bad influence on school children.

    • BravesFan

      *he’s, *himself, *his, *he’s, *his, *his

  • gatekeeper96740

    I would remove my child.PROBLEM SOLVED. They do not need to be part of the liberal social engineering experiment. If enough parents do that “it” will not have a classroom to parade around in.

  • Reason2012

    “As you can imagine, this is a very private decision”

    And yet they use their robocall system and mass emails to announce it to everyone. This just shows yet again how such perversions are brought about by indoctrination, confusion, mental instability and/or abuse. Those who hate God are perverting our nation and the 97% of the population must bow to the perverted demands of the anti-God 3%. We are reaping what we sow.

    • Marie Adigwe

      Well, maybe they sent out the mass emails so that parents would be notified and have the choice to take their children out of the school or at least explain to their children what’s going on in the way that they wish to do it?

      • Reason2012

        Hello. If it’s something that would cause people to consider removing their children from the school, it’s the one teacher that should find another profession, or get help, rather than have everyone else be forced to be exposed to their perverse viewpoint on things like gender. Gender is genetic, not “what I feel like” that a select few have turned it into. 🙁

        • Marie Adigwe

          No, gender is and always has been an archetype. It’s been an archetype for thousands of years now, but sex is genetic. Anyways, the teacher can’t just go find a new profession when he has a degree specifically for teaching. It is a personal and private decision, but, as a parent, wouldn’t you want to be notified that a teacher is having a sex change so that you can at least teach your kid about what is going on and what you think about it? Or even take them out of the school or at least request that they change classes if you disagree with it?

          • Reason2012

            No, gender is something you’re born as, minus the rare birth defacts. It’s not genetic to hate the fact you’re born as a female replete with all the female genetalia. He has a degree for teaching, not for promoting perversion to kids. Again, if something is that bad that the parents need be notified, that was their first clue.

  • Nedd Kareiva

    In the transition, will all the wiener and all internal uniquely male organs be removed and replaced with all uniquely female organs? That’s the only question I have. If the answer is no, then the teacher is a male. If the answer is yes, then the teacher is still a male as that the DNA identifies him as such.

    That said, parents of this school (and really all public schools), do all you can to pull your children from this school of social experimentation and put them in a private, Christian or home school. ENOUGH of the sexualization of our children!

  • Guest

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    I’m sure Jesus would be proud of this school for advertizing this man’s very difficult and troubled situation.