50 Arrested After Muslim Mob Throws Christian Couple Into Fire, Burning Them to Ashes

ShoebatISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Fifty Muslims were arrested last week in Pakistan for being involved in a 1,000-member mob that beat a Christian couple and then threw them into the fire over accusations that they had desecrated the Koran.

Shama Bibi, 28, and Shahzad Masih, 32, lost their lives on Tuesday being burnt to ashes after they were encircled by the mob who had been informed over mosque loudspeakers that the couple had been found guilty of blasphemy against Islam.

According to reports, following the recent death of her father-in-law, Bibi burned the trinkets that he had used to practice black magic. But when others saw discovered what she had done, they rather accused her of burning the Koran.

“Shama burned the amulets and some other related material, assuming that this was the best way to get rid of ‘evil stuff,’” an unidentified family member told Morningstar News. “She later threw the ashes on a garbage heap outside their quarters when Muhammad Irfan, a Muslim co-worker, noticed some half-burnt pieces of paper from the amulets and raised a clamor, claiming that Shahzad’s family had desecrated Quranic pages.”

Bibi and her husband worked for a brick factory owner near the village of Kot Radha Kisha and had three young children. Unconfirmed reports state that Bibi was also several months pregnant.

When area Muslims heard the call from the local mullah that the couple had been declared guilty of blasphemy against Islam, a crime resulting in life imprisonment or death, hundreds rushed their workplace and broke down the door. Bibi and Masih were then dragged outside and beaten “using fists, kicks and batons at will.” Some reports state that the mob chanted “Allahu Akbar” as they took vengeance on the Christian couple—a popular phrase among Muslims, meaning “Allah is great.”

While Bibi is believed to have died from the beating, her husband remained alive through the incident. However, the mob then grabbed both Bibi and Masih and threw their bodies into the fiery kiln used for making bricks, burning Masih to death and incinerating him and his wife to powder.

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“According to the police, they were unable to recover the bodies of the persecuted couple except their ashes,” one Pakistani man stated.

Fifty people believed to have participated in the deaths of Bibi and Masih were later taken into custody, and the local government has offered to pay the family the equivalent of $49,000 U.S. dollars, as well as 10 acres of land, for compensation.

As previously reported, a similar situation occurred in 2012 when a mob of approximately 200 Muslims stormed the police station in Karachi, dragged a man outside who had been accused of burning the Koran, and then set him on fire. Hundreds of Muslims also trashed and torched a predominantly Christian neighborhood last year in outrage over a man that had been accused of speaking against Mohammed.

At least fifty people have faced capital punishment for violating Pakistan’s blasphemy law since 1990. Normally, government officials carry out any retribution against violators, but sometimes local Muslims decide to take vengeance themselves. The country, located in South Asia, is officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is the sixth most populated nation in the world.

Photo: Shoebat.com

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  • James Grimes

    Islam, the religion of peace… Sure? Those who believe this will need a lesson on religious differences.

    • Neiman

      Remember, this is not murder, it is not anti-Christian, it is just workplace violence.

  • ananonumys

    You know what we need to do for christains, go back at them. beat them and burn them. see how it feels!

    • Samuel

      I do not think anyone should go back and get revenge. If Christians are
      to be truly peaceful people, we should not even consider revenge. It is
      awful what this crowd has done to these people. As hard as it would be,
      we are called to forgive them and love them just as Jesus forgave and
      loved us. We are no better than them, because this whole world and every
      human being is corrupted by sin… and this event is just a small
      result of sin…

      • Neiman


      • chrisleduc1

        Individuals, as Christians, are not to take revenge (Romans 12:9). However, it IS the God-ordained responsibility of the government to punish evil-doers (Romans 13:4).

      • Cory Williams

        I beg to differ on the “we’re no better” part simply because the majority of us, while indeed have our own sins weighing on us, haven’t sentenced others to burn for their beliefs, at least not recently or as an entire religious movement. However, I do agree that retaliating is a very bad idea. Instead I would suggest evacuating all the Christians from the area and teaching them a useful skill such as gardening and find somewhere more peaceful for them to live. Heck, if I had the money, I’d try and open a sanctuary for them over here. Let the muslims have their land.

      • frederick berlin

        That’s fine but what happens when there’s no more of us left because we have all been thrown into the fire. Are you getting it yet?

  • career desperado

    What more proof do we need of this godless violent movement that it has been conjured from evil and evil and godless it remains?

  • Bloodtour

    They are all possessed of a demon! Only a demon possessed person could do the things they do in the name of peace. They will have their reward! Ignorance is NO excuse and boy are they ignorant.

  • Reason2012

    You keep hearing the claim “it’s just a few extremists” – yet mobs of thousands_kill infidels to be guaranteed heaven and entire towns band together to demand the death penalty for infidels.

  • Beach Actor

    I get asked the question why is a Christian couple living among radical Muslims

    • Phipps Mike

      good question.

    • Tux

      Where would you go exactly if you converted to Christianity and you lived in Pakistan?