National Homosexual Activist Organization Targets Christians in Latest Campaign

Biblical marriage II pdMISSISSIPPI – A homosexual activist organization whose co-founder was recently jailed for sex abuse charges has launched an aggressive campaign to convert Christians to the same-sex ‘marriage’ cause.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) describes itself as a “civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.” With over 1.5 million members and supporters, the HRC is the largest such organization in the United States.

As previously reported, the HRC’s 66-year-old homosexual co-founder was arrested last week and charged with sexually abusing a teenage boy. Then, one day later, the founder’s 25-year-old ex-boyfriend was also taken into custody for the exact same charges.

Earlier this year, the HRC launched the “All God’s Children” campaign—an unprecedented initiative designed to convert people of faith to the same-sex “marriage” cause. According to the campaign’s fact sheet, the initiative will specifically target Christians in Mississippi and attempt “to change hearts and minds.”

“Mississippi is the most religious state in America, and an estimated 55% of its population is Baptist—one of the most conservative Christian denominations in the country,” the fact sheet states. “It would be nearly impossible to successfully engage a large majority of Mississippians about LGBT equality without discussing it in the context of faith.”

Though the All God’s Children initiative focuses specifically on Mississippi, HRC activists promise to spread similar messages in Alabama and Arkansas. The pro-homosexual crusades are guised as “Christian values” operations, with references to the Golden Rule and other biblical concepts.

“A faith-driven, Christian values-focused message is the most effective way to boost support for LGBT equality in the South,” the HRC fact sheet adds. “Discussing LGBT rights in the context of faith is the top-tested message in increasing support for LGBT rights. That message is most potent with those who expressed reluctance in supporting the rights of LGBT people.”

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Though HRC campaigners claim their message is driven by “faith,” many Christians sharply disagree. John Stonestreet, a speaker and fellow of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview and co-author of “Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage,” told Christian News Network that same-sex “marriage” is “not compatible” with the Bible.

“The Scriptural explanation for the human condition does a great job explaining things like inclinations and same-sex attractions and heterosexual lusts and all the different ways that we are sexually broken,” Stonestreet explained. “But what happened is that inclination has been equated with behavior culturally. The Bible helps us to separate the inclination from behavior.”

“Even more fundamental than that,” he continued, “the Scripture gives us a clear picture of what marriage is intended to be. And although emotional connection and commitment and all these things are very important, the actual purpose of marriage is for a oneness that leads to procreation. It’s the building block that God established for the building of society.”

“We have a very clear image of what marriage is in Genesis 1,” Stonestreet added. “That was reinforced clearly by Jesus in Matthew 19. And so same-sex ‘marriage’ just doesn’t match up to the clear description there.”

Though the national homosexual movement is a relatively recent development, Stonestreet said the widespread failure of marriage was largely triggered by the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s.

“Same-sex ‘marriage’ is a fruit of a long history of things that we’ve embraced for a long time,” he contended.

According to Stonestreet, repentance is key in addressing the sinful behavior of the culture.

“The breakdown of marriage, the compromised views of sexuality, are not a problem that’s just out there in the culture—it’s very much in here, in the Church,” he stated. “So we need to repent where we have not upheld our own convictions about marriage and sexuality. And our failures are many.”

Then, the Christian response to homosexuality should be motivated by love, said Stonestreet.

“I’m struck by the Human Rights Campaign’s call to care and love for people,” he commented. “No one should outlove us. No one. This is a real problem. We’ve said dumb things like ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ for a long time, and what we really did is hate the sin and never actually got around to loving the sinner.”

Furthermore, Stonestreet said Christians should consider their own views of marriage to ensure that they align with the biblical worldview.

“We need to be very clear about what marriage actually is in the society,” he asserted. “Many Christians basically have a secular view of marriage decorated with moral Bible verses. They don’t have a Christian worldview when it comes to marriage. And that’s a real problem. If we don’t really get what marriage is for, we’re not going to be able to parse out this debate in a way that’s actually helpful.”

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