‘Burn This [Expletive] Down!’ Michael Brown’s Stepdad Calls for Ferguson to Be Burned to Ground

BrownFERGUSON, Mo. — Video has surfaced of Michael Brown’s stepfather angrily calling for the city of Ferguson to be burned to the ground following the announcement Monday night that a grand jury had decided not to indict the officer who shot his stepson.

“Burn this [expletive] down!” Louis Head screamed into the crowd of those who encircled him, repeating the statement ten times. According to reports, he asked for a microphone so that he could be heard by the masses.

Head made the declaration moments after Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden began crying and yelling profanities.

“[T]hey think this is a [expletive] joke!” she shouted. “Ya’ll wrong. Anybody out here don’t think so, I don’t give a [expletive].”

“Everybody wants me to be calm,” McSpadden continued. “Do you know how them bullets hit my son?”

“Nobody had to live through what I had to live through,” she screamed. “But y’all want to come with y’all [expletive] [expletive] comments.”

According to reports, over 20 fires had to be put out throughout the night as violence soon erupted on the streets of Ferguson, including at least 12 structural fires. As previously reported, businesses such as Little Caesar’s and an unidentified beauty salon were completely destroyed after being set on fire by the crowds.

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“Storage facility and Sam’s Meat Market near W. Florissant and Canfield have been set on fire in Ferguson,” the St. Louis County Police Department Tweeted.

At least two police vehicles were set on fire, and a dumpster was engulfed in flames a few blocks from the Ferguson police station.

Other stores and restaurants, such as McDonalds and Walgreens, saw their windows smashed, and looters ran inside to take what goods they could run off with without being stopped. One liquor store was also broken into, as some grabbed bottles of alcohol and took off down the street. Some posted photographs on Twitter of the rioting, including those who posed for the camera while ransacking area businesses.

On the streets, some protesters taunted police officers, throwing bottles and rocks at them while shouting profanities. Many officers dressed in riot gear, wearing bullet proof vests and holding plastic shields, and some used tear gas and pepper spray in an attempt to control the crowds or force them to disperse. Police reports state that law enforcement used smoke pellets first to deal with the rioters, but turned to tear gas after it did not seem to be effective.

As darkness fell over Ferguson Tuesday night, police officials remained tense over what type of violence could erupt on the second night of protests. NBC News reports that Gov. Jay Nixon ordered over 2,000 members of the National Guard into the city after witnessing the aftermath of the decision.

“Last night, criminals intent on lawlessness and destruction, terrorized this community,” he stated during a news conference. “I am deeply saddened for the people of Ferguson who woke up to see parts of their community in ruins. No one should have to live like this, no one deserves this. We must do better and we will.”

As previously reported, Jesse Lee Peterson, a California pastor, president of the organization BOND (the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), and leader of the BOND Leadership Academy for youth told Christian News Network as violence broke out Monday night that at the heart of the Brown case was the responsibility of parents to train their children rightly.

“I have said from day one when we saw the video of Michael Brown robbing the convenient store that this is not some innocent little kid tiptoe-ing through the tulips,” he said. “He was not raised properly, and my concern is that if these families don’t get married and by example raise their children in the right way to go, that we’re going to be seeing more of this.”

“If the parents don’t turn back to God, love Him with all their heart, soul and might, get married, and by good example guide their children in the right way to go, it’s never going to get better, because that is the order of God,” Peterson continued. “According to the Scriptures, God advised us to train our children up in the right way to go, and when you do, you don’t have to deal with this stuff when they go out into the world.”

Warning: Profanity

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  • Mike Fitch

    It is clear from his parent’s statements after the grand jury decision was announce why Michael Brown behaved the way he did. It is obvious that there are no Christian values in the family.

  • Michelle Bowen

    I get that you are in pain and no one seems to know the whole story, but the pillaging of the town won’t bring him back. Stealing stuff like your ontorage of idiots….only makes you people look worse! If this had been a black cop I still believ eyou would have been told it was just an accident or a sad thing. No one would have tried to indite…the black people of this country are just as racist…and you all are bieng racist. You’re also making America look like a bunch of greedy monsters…..this will not solve your issues with what happned to your Son. I am sure you are upset and only want to believe the best of him, but honestly you don’t even know the truth.

  • Demopublicrat

    Start with his house.

  • Frank

    Louis Head definately broke a few laws concerning orchestrating Arson and other crimes, the same as Manson, Mob Bosses, those that hire hitmen and Bin Ladin. He should be arrested for such as the laws are written. I am sorry for your loss but that is not a valid excuse.

  • Neiman

    It is no shock to me that we see so much rage, so many people looking for excuses to act out violently and unlawfully, or a young man not being afraid to physically attack a police officer. Since 1962 when for the first time this nation officially turned its on God and declared atheism to be our National Religion and seated Satan on God’s Throne in our hearts, what did we expect, that things would go well for us as a people? The dramatic change after that decision, the sexual revolution, the drug culture, nationwide riots, assassinations, the most unpopular war in our history and on and on we became all for ourselves, our pleasures, no personal responsibility, no morals, no ethics and so why should we be shocked that people would destroy their own homes, businesses and place all the blame on others for our mistakes, for our spiritual and moral failures.

    It is a sign of the times and it will get worse.

  • James Grimes

    What do they hope to accomplish? It’s not going to change the fact that Michael Brown was a criminal, acted maliciously toward a police officer, and paid the ultimate price. Now, if they had raised Michael as they should have, we would not be reading this story today.

  • Antonio Buehler

    If the cops executed my kid, and then Amerikkka slandered him in death, and the cop was protected by police & prosecutors, I’d say far worse. #Ferguson #RacistAmerica

  • The Lone Ranger

    2 Peter 2:13
    And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you; ……………………….Unfortunately they fall even farther into the rage of their despair