Ugandan Imam Allegedly Beats Daughter to Death for Converting to Christianity

Africa pdKALIRO DISTRICT, Uganda (Morning Star News) A 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized for two weeks after her Muslim father beat her and her sister for converting to Christ last month is traumatized after learning that her sister died from the assault, sources said.

Naigaga Saidah’s father, Imam Abudalah Ali of Bwita mosque in Kaliro District, allegedly beat to death her 15-year-old sister, Namugonya Jamirah, on Dec. 11 after the sisters put their trust in Christ at a five-day evangelistic event that ended that day. Beaten unconscious, Naigaga did not learn of her sister’s death until a pastor had transferred her to safety in another town on Jan. 7, sources said.

“Saidah needs prayers, trauma counseling and medication for the left side of her hip that was injured by the father,” a source whose name is withheld for security reasons told Morning Star News.

After the Dec. 7-11 evangelistic campaign at Bwita trading center in the Nakibungulya area of Kaliro District, a neighbor told Ali that his daughters had become Christians, sources said. That afternoon, 17 Muslims arrived at the venue of the evangelistic meeting, but the participants had left, a source said.

“Their father got the information that his daughters have converted, and he organized a small group of fellow Muslims, about 17 people, to go and attack the Christians,” a source said. “He found the campaign had finished but went back to his home and waited for the daughters. When they went back home, the father picked up the club and started beating them badly till one called Jamirah died.”

Saidah managed to escape when her father went inside the house to look for water to splash her back to consciousness, the source said. She arrived limping in blood-stained clothes at a pastor’s house.

The following day the pastor and another Christian leader went to Ali’s home, learned that Jamirah was dead and reported it to police. Officers arrived at Ali’s house on Dec. 12 and arrested him. He was charged with murder but denied it, claiming that Jamirah died from a motorcycle accident.

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His wife and two sons supported his statement, and Ali was released on bail on Dec. 13. The same day, Ali officially disowned Saidah for leaving Islam for Christianity before a Kaliro Local Council official.

Saidah described her ordeal to Morning Star News by phone.

“My father took us to the house and then locked the house,” she said. “He questioned us why we attended a Christian meeting and started beating us up with a club. My sister was hit on the forehead and fell down. I tried to hide myself in the bed, but he got me out and began beating me up as my sister lay down bleeding.”

Saidah began shouting for help, but her father covered her mouth with such force that she nearly suffocated, she said. She fell down, unconscious.

“Later on I realized that my clothes were soaked with water as I regained my consciousness, and my father had left,” she said. “I got up and went to the pastor’s house, which is about 30 minutes’ walk. I arrived there at 7 p.m.”

The pastor took her to a medical clinic, where she was treated for two weeks, while her father began organizing area Muslims to kill her, sources said. The pastor sent her to a Christian leader in another undisclosed town on Jan. 7. When Saidah learned then that her sister had died, she fainted and remained another two days in a nearby hospital.

“The police were later bribed and accepted the words of Ali, and he was released on bail,” one source said. “When he came home he went to the [local] chairman and said that he had disowned Saidah, and that if she tries to go back that she will be killed just like her sister, and that he is leaving Saidah in the hands of born-again Christians.”

The chairman summoned the Christian leaders and informed them of what Ali had told him. They told Ali to put his decision to disown her in writing.

“Saidah has been traumatized, is still limping and she is in a need of the prayers, counseling, medical support, and school fees, because she is going to primary seventh grade this year,” he said.

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  • The Last Trump

    Wow. What incredible courage. A 12 year old girl and her 15 year old sister beaten to death for their faith by their own father! I can’t even get my kids to crack open a Bible. 🙁

  • Dirk Daring

    It’s the children that inspire my faith the most!

    Just a couple weeks ago it was reported that parents were given the choice by ISIS to renounce Christianity for Islam or their children would be killed in front of them, so they renounced their faith, when the terrorists turned to the children the children refused to renounce Jesus and were martyred on the spot.

    Welcome to Heaven little ones, here’s your new robes.

  • John Mark IB

    wow folks how long will the crackpots not get it like these kareem Abdul jabbar apologists for islam and so called groups like cair who are actually advising our very own FBI on how to better teach against “islamaphobia” in the USA?when will they realize that this is pure islam! this is the hadith and the Koran! it’s all there! but they deny it and people are still so blinded by stupidity and ignorance? or kool aid? on the Islamic truth, that it is indeed pure vile fithly evil and this is perfect example, this guy’s sick, I truly thank GOD in my heart, I could never do harm to another, but your own family member’s? really? no way evil, he mist be like “gee my lovely daughter has done what”? “oh my she has converted to what? Christianity”? well then I’ll do what the hadiths and the Koran tell me the prophet said was ok for me to do and that is kill her them etc., folks this is a religion of sick, evil, perverted murderous, uncivilized, first century flinstonian, nut jobs, this is your religion of peace people, get informed get the truth and pass the real truth on to them give them the real hope of the Prince Of Peace Jesus Christ!! Him and Him alone!! here’s the hope for you muslim and all please see and pass it on get the truth and tell your friends

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    This kind of barbarism is not unique to the Muslims but a norm among all the pagans. Thanks to the Christian West most of barbarism has been outlawed or at least notified that it is wrong, and the unreached mission field is geographically getting smaller. The presence of the Church means abolishment of barbarism and rescue of children. The Church must battle against the abnormal immorality of the West. Pre-christian is barbaric and post-christian is blasphemous and immoral. Mankind needs the Judeo-Christian values to be civil.

  • Tux

    “claiming that Jamirah died from a motorcycle accident.”

    Here I was thinking “who is gonna believe that?”


    “His wife and two sons supported his statement, and Ali was released on bail on Dec. 13”

    Adding insult to injury

    “The police were later bribed and accepted the words of Ali, and he was released on bail”

    What a disgrace

  • Truthhurts24

    Islam in pure form

  • Aram1

    === Obama is right yeah , muslims are peaceful and loving people. God help us if they rule over us. Reminds me of the Armenian Genocide in 1915.