Utah Family Concerned About ‘Evil in World,’ ‘Impending Doom’ Commits Suicide

Crime SceneSPRINGVILLE, Utah (FOX 13) Authorities are releasing the autopsy results for a family of five found dead in a bedroom in their Springville home.

Authorities said the official cause of death for the parents, Benjamin and Kristi Strack, is suicide, homicide for the two youngest children and it could not be determined for the 14-year-old son. Police said the autopsies drug toxicity caused all five deaths.

According to police, officials found a letter written by the 14-year-old son, Benson.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    May God have mercy on the community and save the people through His truth. People need to read the entire Holy Bible in order to avoid deadly errors and addictions.

  • MC

    I’m sorry what drug addiction and mental illness did to these parents.

    • William Tyndale

      Yeah…sure you are.

      • MC

        Troll? First, I’m a Christian not a troll, second, do you think this is the only article on this poor family? Family members and friends have spoken about it in OTHER articles. This tragic story first happened in September, 2014. And don’t forget, the oldest son was not there when this happened and luckily survived. Why do you think she was on methadone, for fun? Why do you think he died of heroin overdose? Not to mention that heroin causes paranoia. Get all the facts first before you comment. I await your apology to me. 

        “”Relatives of a family of five found dead last month in the upstairs bedroom of their Springville, Utah, home, tell PEOPLE exclusively that they believe Benjamin and Kristi Strack took their own lives and the lives of their three children because the couple suffered from long-term mental illness and substance-abuse disorders.”

        “She was receiving methadone treatment, police said, so she would have known just how toxic this combination of drugs would be. This contributed to their determination of suicide.”

        “Kristi Strack, 36, was being prescribed methadone for opiate addiction at the time of her death, and that’s how investigators believe she got the methadone used in the overdose death.”

        “Her husband, Benjamin Strack, 37, was found to have a toxic level of heroin in his body.”

        “He and other distraught family members say that looking back, they now realize that Benjamin, 37, and Kristi, 36, were showing signs of mental illness, especially in the weeks before their deaths. “They had isolated themselves from neighbors and some of the family,” he says, “and it had been awhile since Ben had been to work.” 

        Isaac and another relative, Bob McGee, Janson’s uncle, say that Benjamin and Kristi Strack were also exhibiting “irrational fear,” afraid that something or someone was going to harm them. 

        “Their mental illness combined with substance-abuse disorder is what led to this tragedy,” says Isaac. “Some of the changed behaviors before their deaths seemed out of place and didn’t make sense at the time. But looking back now, they make sense. And now we want to speak out to prevent other people from having to endure what we are enduring.” 

        Extended family members believe that the couple were “victims of their minds,” says McGee, with their mental illness caused and made worse by drug use. “This one action does not define the Ben and Kristi that we remember,” he says. “They were caught in a vicious cycle that many people face in this world. There needs to be a greater sense of dialogue and urgency in our country regarding mental illness. It is simply a disease of the mind, and like any disease, we should work to cure it and prevent it.”

        • William Tyndale

          Speaking being obviously on methadone at the time…….

          • MC

            I don’t understand your post. Are you man enough to apologize to me yet?

          • William Tyndale

            Sure, when you apologize to the family of those who took their lives for calling them crazy and drug addicts. I repeat. Get lost, troll.

          • MC

            Can you tell me where I said they were, “crazy”? Did you read where the extended family said they had drug addictions and mental illness? It seems you know better than the family even though I and the family have proven you wrong. Never mind, I expected a man to apologize for obviously being wrong, you are no man.

          • BarkingDawg

            The fact of the matter is “yes” they were drug addicts.

            Why else would they be on Heroin?

            yes, they were mentally ill. Why else would they murder their own children.

            Do you have an alternative explanation?

          • William Tyndale

            Yes. I have already supplied it.

  • William Tyndale

    Sad but this is what happens when believers allow Satan to enter their lives causing them to despair of all hope. No true Christian can despair of hope, for Christ is the embodiment of that hope and as long as we have him we have the future.

  • BarkingDawg

    I have an objection to the headline of this article.

    The family did not commit suicide. The children were brutally murdered by their parents.

  • Luke 21:25,26

    “…distress of nations, with perplexity;… 26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth”

    Take everyday life in this nation alone. Have you ever feared death from a stray bullet in a drive by shooting? Many people do on a daily basis in the cities of this nation. There is even some degree of fear for those of us with a mere headache because of the Tylenol poisonings of a few years back. Our own children must deal with fear in many degrees by just going to school. Will they be pressured by a bigger kid into taking drugs? Will one of their teachers molest them? No longer is the classroom bully a mere childhood fact of growing up for some. Now the class bully is a gun carrying lunatic with no regard for human life. Plus with the recent exposure of the largest well known organized group of homosexual child molesters, children the world over have to fear being raped by Roman Catholic priests now. Not to mention their parents always having the ever present thought that, is that priest endangering my child? There is even fear in traveling to the corner market in our family cars. Will we die in a head-on collision by a drunk who crosses into our lane doing 90, or will we become part of a hostage situation once we get to the corner market because some crazed manic depressive doesn’t have the money to buy his children Christmas presents?

    This prophecy is easy to be seen as fulfilled. IT IS PLAINLY PROPHESIED…

    “that in the last days perilous times shall come.” 2Timothy 3:1 And so they have!

    This one and many others are being fulfilled ONLY in the last days and the churches are not warning their flocks! http://www.remnantofgod.org/pgrmenu.htm